Voters and Their Registration, Comprising the Representation of the People Act, 1884 (48 Vict. Ch. 3) ; the Registration Act, 1885 (48 Vict. Ch. 15) ; the Redistribution of Seats Act, 1885 (48 & 49 Vict. Ch. 23) and the Medical Relief Disqualification Removal Act, 1885 (48 & 49 Vict. Ch. 46), with Notes and Index

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Butterworths, 1885 - 290 oldal
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9. oldal - Prentice's Proceedings in an Action in the Queen's Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer Divisions of the High Court of Justice, (including the Rules, April, 1880).
12. oldal - Every man shall be entitled to be registered as a voter, and, when registered, to vote for a member or members to serve in Parliament for a borough, who is qualified as follows: — (1) Is of full age, and not subject to any legal incapacity...
156. oldal - ... the Act of the session of the third and fourth years of the reign of Her present Majesty, chapter one hundred and eight, intituled " An Act for the Regulation of Municipal Corporations in Ireland...
3. oldal - Every Man shall, in and after the Year One thousand eight hundred and sixty-eight, be entitled to be registered as a Voter, and, when registered, to vote for a Member or Members to serve in Parliament for a Borough, who is qualified as follows; (that is to say,) 1.
13. oldal - Provided always, that no such person shall be so registered in any year unless he shall have occupied such premises as aforesaid for twelve calendar months next previous to the last day of July in such year...
7. oldal - Every man shall be entitled to be registered as a voter, and, when registered, to vote for a member or members to serve in Parliament for a county who is qualified as follows...
108. oldal - January 5 then last past, and the overseers shall keep the said list, to be perused by any person, without payment of any fee, at any time between the hours of ten of the clock in the forenoon, and four of the clock in the afternoon...
6. oldal - dwelling " or " house" means any house or part of a house occupied as a separate dwelling ; (e) The expression " working class " includes mechanics, artisans, labourers, and others working for wages, hawkers, costermongers, persons not working for wages, but working at some trade or handicraft without employing others, except members of their own family, and persons other than domestic...
130. oldal - Borough] of or otherwise as the case may be]. I hereby give you notice, That I object to the name of Thomas Bates being retained in the List of Persons entitled to vote in the Election of a Member [or Members] for the City [or Borough] of and that I shall bring forward such objection at the time of the revising of such List.
62. oldal - Borough separately and as sole Tenant for the Twelve Months preceding the last Day of July in any Year the same Lodgings, such Lodgings being Part of one and the same Dwelling House, and of a clear yearly Value, if let unfurnished, of Ten Pounds or upwards; and 3.

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