In submitting to the Public the New ANNUAL Register for the Year 1804, Mr. STOCKDALE,

the proprietor, feels it incumbent upon him to state the principles on which it is his intention that a work of so much importance shall in future

be conducted. At all times, it is the duty of the historian to record events with fidelity, and to state with impartiality the measures which are carried into execution, and, as far as they can be distinctly ascertained, the motives which led to their adoption. Not merely in compliance with the wishes of the proprietor, but in conformity to his own inclination, the editor of the Historical Department has endeavoured to preserve throughout the most temperate and unbiassed impartiality. It remains with the Public to decide, whether he has succeeded in the accomplishment of this design.

With respect to the promise made in the Preface
to the preceding Volume, relative to a complete and
authentic Narrative of the late Transactions in India,
it is presumed that, in the present REGISTER, it will
appear to have been faithfully performed.

The proprietor also entertains a confident hope,
that the care with which the literary and every
other department of this work has been executed,
will merit an increase of that general circulation
with which the NEW ANNUAL REGISTER has al-
ways been distinguished.

December 31, 1805.



'Proceedings of Parliament under the New Administration-Motion by

Mr. Fox relative to Contracts for Shipping to convey the Hanoverian

Army to this Country-Debate on Mr. Wilberforce's Motion for the

Abolition of the Slave Trade-Debates on the Motion of the Chancellor

of the Exchequer for raising and supporting a permanent Military

Force, and for the gradual Reduction of the Additional Militia 135


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