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Births for the year 1777.
Principal promotions.

[161 to 216

(217 (218 ( 222 [226

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The humble petition of the lord mayor, &c. of the city of London, in comma

council assembled, to the honourable house of commons, against the Nerib.
American high :reason bill.

[231 Summary of the trial of Dr. Dodd, for forgery.

(232 Summary of the trial of John Horni, Ejj; for a libel.

(234 Further proceedings in the case of the King againf Horne, for a libel. [240 Decision of ihe court of King's Bench in the caje of Mr. Horne. [243 Narrative of the trial of James Aitken, otherwise John the Painter, at Wir

chefier allizes, for feiring fire to the rope-house at Portsmouth. (245 Summary of the new aet for granting a dury upon all fervants retained er en

ployed in the several capacities therein mentioned. Abtract of the act for restraining the negotiation of bills of exchange, pro

millory notes, &c. Sbort account of the proceedings at Madrass, and of the controversy respecting

Tanjour. Mr. Blair's letter, and fubflance of a petition offered to parliament, relating to the capture of the ship Morning Star.

(255 Returns made from the poor-rates to parliament, flated to be from Easter 1775

, to Easter 1776.

(259 Abstrati of an act for registering the grants of life-annuities ; and for the better protection of infants against such grants.

[ibid. Dr. Price's account of the progress of the national debt, from 1739 to 1775.

[2.60 Elimates of the royal income and expenditure.

[260, 261 Genuine correspondence between Lord Howe and Dr. Franklin. (ibid. Supplies granted by parliament for the year 1777.

(265 Ways and Means for raising the above supplies.


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His majesty's most gracious speech to both houses of parliament, on Thursday tbe

31/ day of October, 1776.
The bumble address of the lords spiritual and temporal in parliament assembied


12-6 Protest of the lords, upon the motion for the above address. (271 I be humble address of the house of commons 10 the king.

(280 Melizge from the king to both kouses of parliament, for augmenting the civil bijt revenue.



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The bumble address of the lords fpiritual and temporal in parliament assembled, on the above message.

[281 Protest of the lords, on the motion for the above address.

[ 282 Speech made by the speaker of the house of commons to his majesty in the heufe

of peers, upon prejënting the bill for settling an additional revenue upon his majesty, for the service of the civil lift

[283 S;eech made by the speaker of the house of commons to his majesty, previous 10

the prorogation of parliament. His majesty's molt gracious speech to both houses of parliament on the 6th of June, 1777

[284 The speech of his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to both houses of parliament.

(283 The bumble addresses of both houses of parliament in Ireland to the king. (286

(287 The humble addreffes of both houses of parliament in Ireland to his excellency the lord lieutenant ; with his excellency's answers.

(288, 289 Translation of a memorial presen!ed by Sir Fojaph Yorke to the States General.

(289 Memorial delivered by order of the States General to the Court of Great Britain, in answer to the above.

[291 Circular letter of Lord Howe to the governors of the American provinces. (292 First declaration of Richard Viscount Howe, one of the commiffioners for refloring peace to his majesly's colonies and plantations in North America, &c.

[ 292 Resolution of the Congress upon the above declaration.

(243 Second declaration of the American commifioners for restoring peace,

(29+ Third declaration of ditto.

[295 Copy of the free parion granted by his majesty's commissioners to such persons as claimed the benefit of the above declarations

[256 The American oath of allegiance.

[297 Proclamation by General Washington, commander in chief of all the forces of the United States of America.

(297 Papers relating to the capitulation of Lieutenant General Burgoyne's army at Saratoga,


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Extraet from the Life of the late Lord Bishop of Rochester, written by him-
Extracts from the Life of David Hurne, Esq; written by himself. - 6
Sketches faid 10 have been delineared by the pen of the late Lord Chesterfield,

viz. Sir Robert Walpole,-Mr. Pulteney, Lord Hardwicke, -Mr. Fox,

-Mr. Pitt,-Lord Scarborough.
Sketch of Lord Chesterfield himself, by another band.
An account of the life of the late Mr. Harrison.
Memoirs of the late Samuel Foote, Elq;

27 Mimoirs of the life of Mr. Voltaire.

31 Vol. XX,







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Cortions against the buria! of persons supposed dead, by Mr. Hawes. 106

Extraordinary coje of a perjon filppojed dead, but recovered 10 life by Mfr.
Harmant, a celebrated physician at Nancy.

Account of an infant restored 10 life, although apparently born dead.
Of jmeaky houjis, occafioned by faults in orber parts of ibe building, alregetbor

independent of the firucture of the chimney it jelf.

Of the njefulnejs of washing and rubbing the ftems of trees.


Directions for making the best compofition for the metals of reflecting telefcepli



On the use of oak leaves in hot houses in preference to tanner's bark.

Vjeful hints for learning to swim i by Benjamin Franklin, LL.D.

Ax account of the events produced in England by the grant of the kingdom of
Sicily to Prince Edmund, second son of King Henry III.

126 The ceremonial of making the king's bed.

132 Further observations on the celebrated Apamean medal, and on Mr. Bryant's

explanation of that coin; by the learned president of the Society of Antiqua. rians,

135 On the antiquity of cock-fighting

142 Origin of the name of Old Nick.

143 Remarkable instances of the crafis.

144 Account of several gigantic ftarues found in Easter Isand, in the South Seas ; by Capt. Cook.

150 On the first introduction of music into the service of the church.


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Letter of Father Ganganelli to the Abbé Fergben, cortaining a short and fuccina defcription of Italy

156 On languages ; by M. de Voltaire, in a letter to Signior Tovasi Deodati. 160 On Montesquieu and Grotius, in a letter of M. Linguet, counsellor of the parliament of Paris, to M. de Voltaire.

164 Religious persecution, a fragment of the book of Genesis, lately discovered by an eminent philosopher.

168 Of sympathy ; from Dr. Beattie's Elay on Mufic and Poetry

169 On the utility of classical learning ; by the fame.

174 On the constitution of feudal inonarchy; the dignity and revenues of the king ; and of his power as to the raising of taxes and subsidies.

177 The true enjoyments of life ; from Dr. Percival's Moral Tales, &c. Philo ophical attention and fugacity; by the fame.

185 Of the alterations that have happened in the characters of nations, and of the causes by which they were produced.

187 Of the causes of the decadency of an empire.

189 Letters from Lord Chesterfield 16 Alderman George Faulkner.

192 An epitaph, by Dr. Percival.

195 P 0 E T RY. Ode for the new year, 1777;

196 Ode for his Majesty's birth day, June 4., 1777.

197 Epilogue to the tragedy of Semiramis; by R. B. Sheriden, Esq;

197 Prologue to the Word 10 the IF’ije, performed for the benefit of Mrs. Kelly and

her children ; by Dr. Johnson Prologue to the school for Scandal; by Mr. Garrick.

199 Epilogue to the Schol for Scandal; by Mr. Colman. Epitaph on Paul IV litehead. E,9; by Mr. Garrick.




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9o a lady zubo loved dancing ; by the late Judge Burnet.

202 Bath; its beauties and amusements. Tbe end of writing ; addrejed to authors.

205 Verses sent by a gentleman to his lady, with a present of a knife. 205 Prologue spoken by Sir George Beaumont, Bart. at the opening of the new theatre at North Afton, Oxon.

206 Jupiter and Mercury, a fable.

206 On Dr. Goldsmith's characteristical cookery ; a jeu d'esprit.

207 Lines from Dr. Barnard, Dean of Derry, to Dr. Goldsmith and Mr. Cumberland

207 Bifhop Corbet to his son Vincent Corbert, two years of age.

208 Characters of Mr. Granville (nephew to Lord Lansdown), and of William

Harrison, El9; from an epifle of Dr. Young's, not among bis works. 208 Extract from Mr. Mason's English Garden A new year's ode 10 Queen Mary, 1562. The poet, Alexander Scott. Epitaph on a lady who died of a conjumption at Bristol Wells ; by her bufoand.





Sonnet, by Mr. Wharton, on the river Lodon. I wo additional odes to the firft book of Horace, said to have been lately disco. avered in the Palatine Library.

212, 213

ACCOUNT of BOOKS for 1777.

The History of America. By William Robertson, D. D. principal of the uni

versity of Edinburgh, and bifforiograpler to bis majesty for Scotland. 2 vols. 4to.

214 A Voyage towards the South Pole, and round the world. Performed in his

majesty's fhips the Resolution and Adventure, in the years 1772, 1973, 1774, and 1775. Written by James Cook, Commander of the Reclution. In which is included Captain Furneaux's narrative of his proceedings in the Adventure, during the jeparation of the ships. Illustrated with maps and charts, and a variety of portraits of persons, and views of places, . drawn during the voyage by Mr. Hodges, and engraved by the most eminent masters, 2 vols. 4to.

234 A code of Gentoo laws or ordinations of the Pundits: from a Persian transla

tich, made from the original, written in the Shanscrit language. 245


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