In introducing to the Public the Christian KEEPSAKE for 1837, the Editor has much satisfaction in stating, that the exertions of the Proprietors to render its immediate predecessor, the volume for 1836, more generally acceptable, have been rewarded by an approbation so decided, and a measure of encouragement so extensive, as to demand their most grateful acknowledgments.

Carefully adhering to the great objects to which the work has hitherto been devoted, the promotion of piety among its readers, and the diffusion of authentic information respecting the progress and effects of Christianity in different quarters of the world; the Editor confidently anticipates, that, as the Christian Keepsake becomes better known, it will be still more generally patronized.

Many of the articles in the present volume are rendered peculiarly acceptable by the importance of the subjects of which they treat, and the writers by whom they are furnished. The present interest and permanent value of the volume will also be greatly enhanced by the number of Portraits it contains, among which, not the least welcome, will be found those of the venerable Clarkson, the companion of Wilberforce—the amiable and highly-gifted Felicia Hemans—and of the Caffre Chief, one of the firstfruits of Christian missions in South Africa : the latter is from an excellent likeness painted expressly for the work.

The Editor feels himself under increasing obligation to the friends who have aided in the literary department of the work; their kindness he would gratefully acknowledge, as well as that of those who have so generously supplied many of the subjects for its embellishments, to which a large measure of the encouragement it may receive will be justly ascribed.

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