Collections Historical & Archaeological Relating to Montgomeryshire and Its Borders, 22. kötet

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360. oldal - ... or no such person able and willing to act, then the surviving or continuing trustees or trustee for the time being, or the personal representatives of the last surviving or continuing trustee, may, by writing appoint another person or other persons to be a trustee or trustees in the place of the trustee dead, remaining out of the United Kingdom, desiring to be discharged, refusing, or being unfit or being incapable, as aforesaid.
348. oldal - Now know ye, that the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, in consideration...
350. oldal - Atkinson; such arms being first duly exemplified according to the laws of arms, and recorded in the Herald's Office, otherwise the said licence and permission to be void and of none effect: and also to command that the said royal concession and declaration be registered in his Majesty's College of Arms.
221. oldal - High potentates and dames of royal birth, And mitred fathers in long order go : Great Edward, with the lilies on his brow, From haughty Gallia torn, And sad Chatillon, on her bridal morn That wept her bleeding love, and princely Clare, And Anjou's heroine, and the paler rose, The rival of her crown and of her woes, And either Henry there, The murdered saint and the majestic lord, That broke the bonds of Rome.
358. oldal - ... declared, of and concerning the same ; that is to say, upon trust, that they the said...
202. oldal - House has met before that day, or will meet on the day of the issue), issue his warrant to the clerk of the Crown to make out a new writ for electing another member in the room of the member whose seat has so become vacant.
221. oldal - The Border slogan rent the sky ! A Home! a Gordon! was the cry: Loud were the clanging blows ; Advanced, — forced back, — now low, now high, The pennon sunk and rose ; As bends the bark's mast in the gale, When rent are rigging, shrouds, and sail, It wavered mid the foes.
203. oldal - Ordered, That the said petition be referred to the consideration of the Committee of the Whole House to whom is committed the report of the Secretary of the Treasury respecting lost and destroyed certificates.
206. oldal - Wages of the said Shire Towns, shall be lawfully admonished, by Proclamation or otherwise, by the Mayors, Bailiffs, and other head Officers of the said Towns, or by one of them, to come and to give their Elections for the electing of the said Burgesses, at such Time and Place, lawful and reasonable, as shall be assigned for the same Intent by the said Mayors...
18. oldal - He sinks the sense of pain in generous pride, Nor feels the shaft that trembles in his side; But neighs to the shrill trumpet's dreadful blast Till death; and when he groans, he groans his last.

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