Scorched Earth: Studies in the Archaeology of Conflict

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Tony Pollard, Iain Banks
BRILL, 2008 - 330 oldal
This volume draws together a series of new studies into various aspects of the archaeology of conflict. Part of the volume focuses on conflict in the twentienth century, with several papers dealing with the growing field of First World War archaeology, which is also the main theme of the extended editorial. Further contributions focus on a variety of subjects, including the use of historic maps in locating the remains of 16th century sieges, the impact of disease on a 17th century army and a discussion of the political context of cultural research heritage in Ireland with respect to battlefield heritage.

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the Archaeological Investigation of a SubSaharan Battlefield
The Study of Small Finds at the 1644 Battle of Cheriton
An Archaeological Study of the Battle of the Boyne at Oldbridge Co Meath
Platforms of Reconciliation? Issues in the Management of Battlefield Heritage in the Republic of Ireland
Indigenous Designs and Practices of Protest
An Interim Report on Experimental firing and Analysis to Interpret Early Modern Battlefield Assemblages
Excavations at Serre Somme France
Evidence for Wartime Conflict in a 17thCentury Cottier Settlement in County Meath Ireland
Blueprints for Archaeologists?
Newfoundlanders in a Highland Forest During WWII
Cultural Narratives and Metadiscourse of Violent Conflict in Iron Age and Medieval Denmark
A Study of Official and Military Commemoration of the Dead and Family and Community Memory in Essex and East London
Fort Mims and the Redstick War of 18131814
Investigating Landscapes of Battle

Dundalk 1689 and After

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Tony Pollard MA, Ph.D., MIFA, FSA Scot is Director of the Centre for Battlefield Archaeology and a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Archaeology at Glasgow University. Tony is convenor of the MLitt in Battlefield and Conflict Archaeology run through the Centre for Battlefield Archaeology, the only postgraduate course of its type. He has carried out battlefield and conflict related archaeological projects in the UK, mainland Europe, Africa and South America. His interests range from 18th century warfare, particularly in relation to the Jacobite rebellions in Scotland, to the archaeology of the First World War, where he most recently directed a project to locate the mass graves of Australian and British troops at Fromelles in France on behalf of the Australian government. He has written widely for both popular and academic audiences.
Iain Banks MA, Ph.D., MIFA, FSA Scot is Director of Glasgow University Archaeological Research Division and Executive Director of the Centre for Battlefield Archaeology. He has worked on battlefield projects across the UK, Europe and Africa, both as a geophysicist and excavator. He plays an active part in the teaching of the MLitt in Battlefield and Conflict Archaeology at the University of Glasgow. His main interests in Battlefield and Conflict Archaeology are the Prehistory and Anthropology of Warfare and Warfare in the Twentieth Century. He has written widely on these subjects and other aspects of archaeology.

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