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Art. I.–1. Supernatural Religion: An Inquiry into the Reality

of Divine Revelation. In 2 vols. Sixth Edition,

carefully revised. Part III. London : 1875.

2. The Gnostic Heresies of the First and Second Cen-

turies. By the late Henry Longueville Mansel, D.D.,

Dean of St. Paul's, sometime Professor of Ecclesiastical

History at Oxford. Edited by J. B. Lightfoot, D.D.,

Canon of St. Paul's. London : 1875.

3. St. John the Author of the Fourth Gospel. By

Christoph Ernst Luthardt, Professor of Theology at

Leipzig, &c. &c. Revised, Translated, and the Lite-

rature much enlarged by Caspar René Gregory,

Leipzig. Edinburgh : 1875.

4. Historisch-Kritische Einleitung in das Neue Testa-

ment. Von Dr. Adolf Hilgenfeld, Professor der

Theologie in Jena. Leipzig : 1875,


II.-1. The Frosty Caucasus;' an Account of a Walk

through Part of the Range and of an Ascent of Elbruz

in the Summer of 1874. By F. C. Grove. London:


2. Travels in the Caucasus and Persia and Turkey in

Asia. By Lieut. Baron Max Von Thielmann. Trans-

lated by C. Heneage, F.R.G.S. London: 1875.

3. The Crimea and Transcaucasia; being the Narrative

of a Journey in the Kouban, in Gouria, Georgia,

Armenia, Ossety, Imeritia, Swannety, and Mingrelia.

By Commander J. Buchan Telfer, R.N., F.R.G.S.

London : 1876,


III.-1. Les Fourmis de la Suisse. Systématique, Notices

Anatomiques et Physiologiques, Architecture, Distri-

bution Géographique, Nouvelles Expériences et Ob-

servations de Meurs. By Auguste Forel. Genêve :


2. Harvesting Ants. By J. Traherne Moggridge, F.L.S.

London : 1873.

3. Observations on Ants. By Sir John Lubbock, Bart.,

F.R.S. Linnean Society's Journal, Vol. XII., ·


IV.-1. Les Villes mortes du Golfe de Lyon. Par C. Len-

théric, Ingénieur des Ponts et Chaussées. Paris :


2. On the Lagoons and Marshes of certain parts of the

Shores of the Mediterranean. By D. T. Ansted, F.R.S.

Excerpt of Proceedings of the Institution of Civil

Engineers. 1869.


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3. Address to the Royal Geographical Society of London.

By Major-General Sir H. C. Rawlinson, K.C.B., Pre-

sident. London : 1876.

4. An Inquiry into the soundness of_M. de Lesseps'

Reasonings and Arguments on the Practicability of

the Suez Canal. By Capt. T. Spratt, R.N., F.R.S.

London : 1858,


V.–The Paston Letters. A New Edition. Edited by James

Gairdner, of the Public Record Office. 3 vols. London:



VI.-1. New Lands within the Arctic Circle. Narrative of

the Discoveries of the Austrian Ship . Tegetthoff' in

the Years 1872–74. By Julius Payer, one of the

Commanders of the Expedition. Translated from the

German, with the Author's approbation. 2 vols. 8vo.

London : 1876.

2. The Official Report of the Recent Arctic Expedition.

By Captain Nares, R.N., Commander of the Expe-

dition. 8vo. London: 1876,


VII.-Life of William Earl of Shelburne, afterwards first

Marquess of Lansdowne, with Extracts from his

Papers and Correspondence. By Lord Edmond Fitz-

maurice. 3 vols. 8vo. London : 1875–76,


VIII.-1. Discoveries at Ephesus. By J. T. Wood, F.S.A.

London : 1877.

2. Beiträge zur Geschichte u. Topographie Kleinasiens.

Von E. Curtius. Berlin: 1872.

3. Ephesos. Von E. Curtius. Berlin : 1874.

4. Ephesos im ersten Christlichen Jahrhundert. Von

G. A. Zimmermann. Leipzig: 1874,


IX.-1. Lorenzo de' Medici il Magnifico. Von Alfred von

Reumont. Zwei Bände. Leipzig: 1874.


2. Lorenzo the Magnificent. By Alfred de Reumont.

Translated from the German by Rober Hai n.

2 vols. 8vo. London: 1876, .


X.-1. The Map of Europe by Treaty; showing the various

political and territorial Changes which have taken

place since the General Peace of 1814. With numerous

Maps and Plans. By Edward Hertslet, Esq., of the

Foreign Office. 3 vols. 8vo. London: 1875.

2. A Handy Book of the Eastern Question. By Sir

George Campbell, M.P. London: 1876,


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