HE first edition of this Book was exhausted within a very few


weeks of its publication, and a second and larger issue having been long out of print, a new edition was rendered desirable, as much from the point of view of a pressing demand as the necessity for incorporating the provisions of subsequent legislation.

Notes on the practice and references to decisions which have arisen on the working of the Act, together with a full digest of those enactments which specially affect its sections, have been added to this edition, and the needful corrections thereon made in the Appendix and elsewhere; but a desire to maintain the work as a cheap legal and practical text book dictated the omission of Acts, passed between 1882 and 1888, which have only a general application to Municipal Corporations in common with other authorities.

The list of Cities and Boroughs, with the population of each place according to the census of 1881, has been corrected to the 1st of January in the present year.

The Appendix (page 286) also contains an abstract of the clauses contained in the Local Government (England and Wales) Act, passed in the present Session of Parliament, which materially concern the corporate Cities and Boroughs of England and Wales; and references to the important amendments made by that Act will be found in their proper places throughout the book.


September 15th, 1888.

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