Riddles, charades, and conundrums [compiled by J.W. Jones].

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49. oldal - Of raising spirits from below ; In scarlet some, and some in white, They rise, walk round, yet never fright : In at each mouth the spirits pass, Distinctly seen as through a glass, O'er head and body make a rout, And drive at last all secrets out, And still the more I show my art, The more they open every heart.
52. oldal - T'other you may see in Tin, And the fourth a Box within, If the fifth you shou'd pursue It can never fly from you. 8. The Vowels. ANOTHER. AJL. of us in one you'll find, Brethren of a wond'rous Kind, Yet among us all no Brother Knows one Tittle of the other; We in frequent Councils are, And our Marks of Things declare, Where, to us unknown, a Clerk Sits, and takes them in the Dark. He 's the Register of All In our Ken, both great...
46. oldal - twas muttered in hell, And echo caught faintly the sound as it fell; On the confines of earth 'twas permitted to rest, And the depths of the ocean its presence...
21. oldal - , WE are little airy creatures, All of different voice and features ; One of us in glass is set, One of us you'll find in jet. T'other you may see in tin, And the fourth a box within. If the fifth you should pursue, It can never fly from you.
47. oldal - Without it the soldier, the seaman may roam, But woe to the wretch who expels it from home. In the whispers of conscience its voice will be found, Nor e'en in the whirlwind of passion be drowned.
134. oldal - The child of a peasant, Rose thought it no shame To toil at my first all the day ; When her father grew rich, and a farmer became, My first to my second gave way : Then she married a merchant, who brought her to town ; To this eminent station preferr'd, Of my first and my second unmindful she's grown, And gives all her time to my third.
111. oldal - Twas Flora's wealth, and Circe's charm ; Pandora's box of good and harm : 'Twas Mars's wish, Endymion's dream ; Apelles
97. oldal - What is the longest and the shortest thing in the world: the swiftest and the most slow: the most divisible and the most extended: the least valued and the most regretted? Without which nothing can be done; which devours all that is small and gives life and spirits to everything that is great?
78. oldal - I am just two and two, I am warm, I am cold, And the parent of numbers that cannot be told, I am lawful, unlawful — a duty, a fault, I am often sold dear, good for nothing when bought, An extraordinary boon, and a matter of course, And yielded with pleasure — when taken by force.
46. oldal - Twill be found in the sphere when 'tis riven asunder, Be seen in the lightning and heard in the thunder. Twas allotted to man with his earliest breath, Attends at his birth and awaits him in death : Presides o'er his happiness, honour, and health, . Is the prop of his house and the end of his wealth.

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