It bert a fleeting gleam, a emhly sound, Yet then shali calm ceflection Etah i night When liberal pity, dignified delight When pleasure fois hertorch at viitais

flame bounty with an

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Inscription, lately diavtud
near Lynn in Norfolk. By

Inmuel Johnson, L. L. D.
Wone's this stone

, neu hid beneath lake The horse shall tramplia y lough shalt

brena Ther, lomy Courilny, shalt thou groendistrest, Grief swelt will thine eye,& tener hill thy breast

. The street wʻviolence of woe that sound,

burshing my : Then through thy fülds thall

Salotzeptilesfun und zapine Kpollution mark Heirways Their hungry sarmoy Luaceful vale thrillaigh

1 Still fuerte to threaten tillafraid to fight, The timing yeais whole produce


, Insatiate hluck y fuit, a crop, the flowers


peasantifpeil, 206" Without fear falten uithont toil. Then oer ylwn t shall discorð stretch her wings

, The Bear enragirl th'affaight'd

Frings change their faury, & hingdoms change their King
The lillis grey valiitiumphant spund;
Horshad the Lion urnt of old to signu
Depota ore the desolated filain
Kirreforth th'inviolable biominende,
Ir dare to murmur iny flowry glader;
iflis Inture sons shall die before his face,

Whilit felis melting

in a lowd

lewd en hace more strange!his viin, a hore shals

azair Ma tallypapir cown once complain Har ?

Thall glution


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And yet

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