B. Johnfor's Dictionary.

Fol. 1773 Many are the works of human fh. Oustry, whickte begis & fereshar hardly panted to fame

man He hat undertahes to compile a Dictionary, undertaker that, when Lit comprehend the full extent of his design, he knows himul unable to perform. Yet his labour though, deficient


ke uieful, with the hope of this inferior prag The mushrncito hinactinten -lace his wearinepe. Perfection is unaittainable, but

er & hearer approaches may

be made * finding my dictionary about to sprinted,

I have endeavoured, i zwisäl to make it lopupul





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taken away,


- vible. I urllret deny s found many parti requising emendation, & many more Capable of improvement. Many faults I have corrected, fome superfluities I have

B some deficiencies I have Jupplied.

I have methodixed some härts that were disordered,

illuminat ed some that were obscure. Get the changes in additions bear'a

very Imall proportion to the whole. Te Critic will now have lef to ofus but the student who has bought any of the former copies needs not repent, he will not about nice collation, perceive how they differ, & ufufulrifo veldom defend, upon little things. oz deficience, I have preokap not ruo of more apology than yenatiere ofy work wilt fürnish, I have left that inac - curate sus neces made eaçact, Mat imperfectú never i completro.

For negligence


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Printed for T. DAVIES, in Ruffel-Street, Covent
Garden, Bookseller to the Royal Academy,


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