Past Tense: Studies in the Archaeology of Conflict

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Tony Pollard, Iain Banks
Brill, 2006 - 298 oldal
This special issue of the Journal of Conflict Archaeology serves as an introduction to the journal and the field. 13 essays deal with battlefield remains in Europe, Africa, North American and Asia.Originally published as issue 1 of Volume 1 (2005) of the Journal of Conflict Archaeology. For more details on this journal, please click here.

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A szerzőről (2006)

Tony Pollard MA, Ph.D., MIFA, FSA Scot is based at the University of Glasgow. In 2000 he co-organised and hosted 'Fields of Conflict', the first international conference on Battlefield Archaeology, which is still held every two years. He was co-presenter of the BBC television series 'Two Men In A Trench', which brought battlefield archaeology to a worldwide audience. He has carried out battlefield projects in the UK, Africa and South America and has published widely on this and other aspects of archaeology.
Iain Banks MA, Ph.D., MIFA, FSA Scot is Director of Glasgow University Archaeological Research Division. He has worked on numerous battlefield projects in the UK and overseas and is a specialist in geophysical survey. Other research interests include the Atlantic Iron Age and post-medieval rural settlement. He has published widely on various aspects of archaeology.

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