word”, to repine and murmur against his providence", and wholly inclined to do the will of the flesh, and of the devil * : we pray, that God would by his Spirit take away from ourselves and others all blindness , weakness", indisposedness", and perverseness of heart *; and by his

grace make us able and willing to know, do, and submit to his will in all things y, with the like humility ?,



the knowledge of thy ways. 1 Cor. u Eph. iii. 16. That he would ii. 14. But the natural man receiveth grant you, according to the riches of not the things of the Spirit of God: his glory, to be strengthened with for they are foolishness unto him; might by his Spirit in the inner man. neither can he know them, because Mat. xxvi. 40. And he cometh they are spiritually discerned. unto the disciples, and findeth thenz

9 Rom. viii. 7, Because the carnal asleep, and saith unto Peter, What! mind is enmity against God: for it could ye not watch with me one is not subject to the law of God, nei hour? Ver. 41. Watch and pray, that ther indeed can be.

ye enter not into temptation : the Exod. xvii. 7. And he called the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh name of the place Massah, and Me is weak. ribah, because of the chiding of the * Jer. xxxi. 18. I have surely heard children of Israel, and because they Ephraim bemoaning himself thus, tempted the Lord, saying, Is the Thou hast chastised me, and I was Lord among us or not? Numb. xiv. 2.

chastised, as a bullock unaccustomed And all the children of Israel mur to the yoke : turn thou me, and I mured against Moses, and against

shall be turned; for thou art the Aaron ; and the whole congregation Lord my God. Ver. 19. Surely said unto them, Would God that we after that I was turned, I repented; had died in the land of Egypt, or,

and after that I was instructed, I would God we had died in this smote upon my thigh: I was ashamed, wilderness !

yea, even confounded, because I did $ Eph. ii. 2. Wherein in time past bear the reproach of my youth. ye walked according to the course of

y Psal. cxix. 1. Blessed are the unthis world, according to the prince defiled in the way, who walk in the of the power of the air, the spirit law of the Lord. Ver. 8. I will that now worketh in the children of keep thy statutes : O forsake me not disobedience.

utterly. Ver. 35. Make me to go in * Eph. i. 17. That the God of our the path of thy commandments, for Lord Jesus Christ; the Father of therein do I delight. Ver. 36. Inglory, may give unto you the Spirit cline my heart unto thy testimonies, of wisdom and revelation in the and not to covetousness. Acts xxi. 14. knowledge of him : Ver. 18. The And when he would not be pereyes of your understanding being suaded, we ceased, saying, The will erlightened ; that ye may know of the Lord be done. what is the hope of his calling, and

2 Mic. vi. 8. He hath shewed thee, what the riches of the glory of his o man, what is good; and what inheritance in the saints.

doth the Lord require of thee, but

manded us to keep thy precepts surely die. Gen. iii. 17. And unto

business; fervent in spirit ; serving shalt not eat of it; cursed is the

& Psal. cxix. 112. I have inclined but byreasonofhimwho hath subjected

cheerfulness", faithfulness", diligence', zeal“, sincerity®, and constancy', as the angels do in heaven %.

Q. 193. What do we pray for in the fourth petition?

A. In the fourth petition, (which is, Give us this day our daily bread",) acknowledging, that in Adam, and by our own sin, we have forfeited our right to all the outward blessings of this life, and deserve to be wholly deprived of them by God, and to have them cursed to us in the use of them'; and


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to do justiy, and to love mercy, and mine heart to perform thy statutes to walk humbly with thy God? alway, even unto the end.

a Psal. c. 2. Serve the Lord with 8 Isam vi. 2. Above it stood the gladness : come before his presence seraphims : each one had six wings; with singing. Job i. 21. And (Job) with twain he covered his face, and said, Naked came 1 out of my mo with twain he covered his feet, and ther's womb, and naked shall I return with twain he did fly. Ver. 3. And thither : the Lord gave, and the

one cried unto another, and said, Lord hath taken away; blessed be

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of the name of the Lord. 2 Sam. xv. 25.

hosts; the whole earth is full of his And the king said unto Zadok,

glory. Psal. ciii. 20. Bless the Lord, Carry back the ark of God into the

ye his angels that excel in strength, city: if I shall find favour in the

that do his commandments, hearkeneyes of the Lord, he will bring me

ing unto the voice of his word. again, and shew me both it and his Ver. 21. Bless ye the Lord, all ye habitation. * Ver. 26. But if he

his hosts, ye ministers of his that do thus say, I have no delight in thee :

his pleasure. Mat. xviii. 10. Take behold, here am I, let him do to me

heed that ye despise not one of these as seemetl good unto him.

little ones: for I say unto you, That b Isa. xxxviii. 3. And said, Re.

in heaven their angels do always bemember now, O Lord, I beseech

hold the face of my Father which is thee, how I have walked before in heaven. thee in truth, and with a perfect

193. h Mat. vi. 11. heart, and have done that which is

i Gen. ii. 17. But of the tree of good in thy sight. And Hezekiah

the knowledge of good and evil thou wept sore.

shalt not eat of it: for in the day Psal. cxix. 4. Thou hast com

that thou eatest thereof thou shalt diligently. Ver. 5. O that my

Adam he said, Because thou hast ways were directed to keep thy hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, statutes !

and hast eaten of the tree of which
d Rom. xii. 11. Not slothful in

I commanded thee, saying, Thou
the Lord.
e Psal. cxix. 80. Let my heart be

ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt
sound in thy statutes; that I be not

thou eat of it all the days of thy life.

Rom. viii. 20. For the creature was
made subject to vanity, not willingly,

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that neither they of themselves are able to sustain usk, nor we to merit', or by our own industry to procure them but prone to desire", get', and use them unlawfully P: we pray for ourselves and others, that both they and we, waiting upon the providence of God from day to day in the use of lawful means, may, of his free gift, and as to his fatherly wisdom shall seem best, enjoy a competent portion of them?; and have the same continued and blessed unto us


until now,


the same in hope : Ver. 21. Because m Deut. viii. 17. And thou say the creature itself also shall be de in chine heart, My power and the livered from the bondage of corrup- might of my hand hath gotten me tion into the glorious liberty of the this wealth. Ver. 18. But thou children of God. Ver. 22. For we shalt remember the Lord thy God; know that the whole creation groan for it is he that giveth thee power to eth, and travaileth in pain together get wealth, that he may establish his

Jer. v. 25, Your ini. covenant, which he sware unto thy quities have turned away these fathers, as it is this day. things, and your sins have with n Jer. vi. 13. For from the least of holden good things from you. Deut. them even unto the greatest of them, xxviii

. from Ver. 15. to the end of the every one is given to covetousness: Chapter. Ver. 15. But it shall come and from the prophet even unto the pass,

if thou wilt not hearken un priest, every one dealeth falsely: to the voice of the Lord thy God, to Mark vii. 21. For from within, out observe to do all his commandments of the heart of men, proceed evil and his statutes, which I command thoughts, adulteries, fornications, thee this day, that all these curses murders, Ver. 22. Thefts, covetousshall come upon thee, and overtake ness, wickedness, deceit. thee. Ver. 16. Cursed shalt thou be o Hos. xii. 7. He is a merchant, in the city, and cursed shalt thou be the balances of deceit are in his in the field. Ver. 17. Cursed shall hand: he loveth to oppress. be thy basket and thy store, &c.

P James iv, 3. Ye ask, and receive k Deut, vii. 3. And he humbled not, because ye ask amiss, that ye thee, and suffered thee to hunger, may consume it upon your lusts. and fed thee with manna, which a Gen. xliii. 12. And take double thou knewest not, neither did thy nioney

in your hand : and the fathers know, that he might make money that was brought again in thee know that man doth not live the mouth of your sacks, carry it by bread only, but by every word again in your hand; peradventure that proceedeth out of the mouth of it was an oversight, Ver. 13. Take the Lord doth man live.

also your brother, and arise, go 1 Gen. xxxii, 10. I am not worthy again unto the man. Ver. 14. And of the least of all the mercies, and God Almighty give you niercy beof all the truth, which thou hast fore the man.-Gen. xxviii. 20. shewed unto thy servant :

And Jacob vowed a vow, saying,
R 3


tion of
his Bel
don ou

in our holy and comfortable use of them', and contentment
in them s; and be kept from all things that are contrary to
our temporal support and comfort.

Q. 194. What do we pray for in the fifth petition ?
A. In the fifth petition, (which is, Forgive us our debts

, as we forgive our debtors“,) acknowledging, that we and all others are guilty both of original and actual sin, and thereby become debtors to the justice of God; and that neither we, nor any other creature, can make the least satisfaction for that debt w: we pray for ourselves and others, that God of



üürsel offence

to be me

Lords Lord, I Deze i

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If God will be with me, and will world, and it is certain we can keep me in this way that I go, and

carry nothing out. Ver. 8. And will give me bread to eat, and rai. having food and raiment, let us be ment to put on. Eph. iv. 28. Let there with content. him that stole steal no more; but

Prov. XXX. 8. Remove far from rather let him labour, working with

me vanity and lies; give me neither his hands the thing which is good, poverty nor riches ; feed me with that he may have to give to him food convenient for me : Ver. 9. that needeth. 2 Thess. iii. 11. For Lest I be full, and deny thee, and we hear that there are some which

say, Who is the Lord? or lest I be walk among you disorderly, work

poor, and steal, and take the name ing not at all, but are busy-bodies.

of my God in vain. Ver. 12. Now them that are such 194. u Mat. vi. 12. we command and exhort by our

* Rom. iii. from Verse 9. to 22. Lord Jesus Christ, that with quiet- Ver. 9. What then? are we better ness they work, and eat their own

than they? No, in no wise: for we bread. Phil. iv. 6. Be careful for

have before proved both Jews and
nothing: but in every thing by. Gentiles, that they are all under sin;
prayer and supplication, with thanks Ver. 10. As it is written, There is
giving, let your requests be made
known unto God.

none righteous, no, not one: Ver. 11.

There is none that understandeth,
ri Tim. iv. 3. Forbidding to

there is none that seeketh after God:
marry, and commanding to abstain Ver. 12. They are all gone out of the
from meats, which God hath creat-
ed to be received with thanksgiving profitable ; there

is none that doeth

way, they are together become un.
of them which believe and know the good, no, not one, &c. Ver. 19.
truth. Ver. 4. For every creature
of God is good, and nothing to be and all the world may become guiley

That every mouth may be stopped,
refused, if it be received with thanks-
giving : Ver. 5. For it is sanctified

before God, &c. Mat. xviii. 24.
by the word of God and prayer.

And when he had begun to reckon, si Tim. vi. 6. But godliness with

one was brought unto him which contentment is great gain.

owed him ten thousand talents.

Ver. 7.
For we brought nothing into this

Ver. 25. But forasmuch as he had not

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to pay, his lord commanded him to


his free grace would, through the obedience and satisfaction of Christ, apprehended and applied by faith, acquit us both from the guilt and punishment of sin, accept us in his Beloved y, continue his favour and grace to us", pardon our daily failings, and fill us with peace and joy, in giving us daily more and more assurance of forgiveness b; which we are the rather emboldened to ask, and encouraged to expect, when we have this testimony in ourselves, that we from the heart forgive others their offences

Q. 195. What

be sold, and his wife, and his chil. to him, Take away all iniquity, and dren, and all that he had, and payment receive us graciously: so will we rento be made. Psal. cxxx. 3. If thou, der the calves of our lips. Jer. xiv. 7. Lord, shouldest mark iniquities, o O Lord, though our iniquities testiLord, who shall-stand? Ver. 4. But fy against us, do thou it for thy name's there is forgiveness with thee, that

sake: for our backslidings are many, thou mayest be feared.

we have sinned aga'nse thee. * Rom. iii. 24. Being justified free b Rom. XV. 13. Now the God of ly by his grace, through the redemp- hope fill you with all joy and peace tion that is in Jesus Christ: Ver. 25. in believing, that ye may abound in Whom God hath set forth to be a hope through the power of the Holy propitiation through faith in his blood, Ghost. Psal. li. 7. Purge me with to declare his righteousness for the re hyssop, and I shall be clean: wash mission of sins that are past, through me, and I shall be whiter than snow. the forbearance of God; Ver. 26. To Ver. 3, Make me to hear joy and glad. declare, I say, at this time his righte ness : that the bones which thou hast. ousness: that he might be just, and broken may rejoice. Ver. 9. Hide the justifier of him which believeth in thy face from my sins; and blot out all Jesus. Heb. ix, 22. And almost all mine iniquities. Ver. 10. Create in me things are by the law purged with a clean heart, O God; and renew a blood; and without shedding of blood right spirit within me. Ver. 12. Reis no remission.

store unto me the joy of thy salvation; Eph. i. 6. To the praise of the and uphold me with thy free Spirit. glory of his grace, wherein he hath c Luke xi. 4. And forgive us our made us accepted in the Beloved : sins; for we also forgive every one Ver. 7. In whom we have redemption that is indebted to us.—Mat. vi. 14. through his blood, the forgiveness of For if ye forgive men their trespasses, sins, according to the riches of his your heavenly Father will also forgrace.

give you. Ver. 15. But if ye forgive % 2 Pet. i. 2. Grace and peace

be not men their trespasses, neither will multiplied unto you through the your Father forgive your trespasses. knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Mat, xviii. 35. So likewise shall my Lord.

heavenly Father do also unto you,

if a Hosea xiv. 2. Take with you ye

from your hearts forgive not every words, and turn to the Lord, say un

one his brother their trespasses.

R4 195, d Mat.


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