Die Homilien Zum Buch Genesi: Eingeleitet und Ubersetzt Von Peter Habermehl

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Origen (185-254), ancient theologian and philosopher, has had a profound influence on Christian theology and the whole history of European thought with his academic mindset and his original thinking on topics such as liberty, history and justice. This bilingual edition in 25 volumes aims to make his complete writings available and accessible to scholars across a range of disciplines as a rich historical resource for present-day problems in religious culture, theology, philosophy and ethics.

All texts are presented in a modern translation - many of them for the first time in German translation. The source texts are partly taken from modern editions and are partly newly edited. Each volume is provided with an introduction to the works and commentaries on the texts and their translation.


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Die Homilien des Origenes zum Buch Genesis in der Übersetzung des Rufinus

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A szerzőről (2011)

Peter Habermehl, Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften.

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