FOR the Third Edition this popular school book has been carefully revised with a view to incorporating as far as possible the important constitutional developments that have taken place since the publication of the Second Edition. Accordingly the book will be found to contain details as to the changes brought about by the Parliament Act of 1911, while a new chapter on the development of State activities has been added. This gives a brief account of the most important measures of reform that have come into existence since 1910, including among other things the questions of Old Age Pensions and National Insurance.

The opportunity has been taken to bring some of the other parts of the book into line with the most recent and authoritative views.

For obvious reasons, no attempt has been made to deal with the constitutional results of the Great War. For one thing, it is as yet impossible to tell how far these will be permanent. It has been, however, deemed advisable to insert some account of the Compulsory Military Service system instituted by the two Acts of 1916.

Owing to the untimely death of the author, Dr. A. E. Hogan, the revision of the book has been carried out by the Rev. A. W. Parry, M.A., B.Sc., Principal of the Training College, Carmarth en.

January 1917.


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