rith the utmost promptitude, she on the farm of Kyle, near Mouvern, led that evening.

having set fire to a train of gun[25] Scaffolding gives way.- powder for the purpose of blasting londay se enight, the scaffoiding the rock, the explosion took place t the cathedral of Dunkeld, gave before he could escape from the vay while several labourers were spot, when a piece of the sock t work upon it. Thr-e of them struck him upon the left brea:t and Tere very severely hurt..

shoulder, and lacerated him in a [25] Boy saved froin di owning shocking manner; he died in less

Ding will. Lately, a boy while than two hours by loss of blood. athing in the vicinity of Ding wall, [6] Decoying a boy. A woman, Tad nearly lost his life by ventui- nained Smith, was detected in deng beyond his depth. The body coying away a boy four years old, emared in the water for upwards from the door of his mother, in of tea uninntes befo e it could be amp read-roal, on Wednesday wund, yet by the application of evening, under pretence of buying chose means resorted to for ex- pears. : siting suspended animation, he was: (8] Air Olil servant rewarded.-fortunately restored to life. Much RÜBER L 'IDONALD, nearly praise is due to Mr FRASER, forty years porter to the Newcastle student of medicine, and son of the waygons, has lately received froin Rev. Alexander Fraser of Inverness, some of the merchants of that city, who happened to be og the spot, to mark their approbation of his tirough whose humanity and conduct during that time, a gold perseverance this was happily efe box enclosing twe: ty guincas, to fected, i

- purchase the freedom of the city [26] Another murderer exe- and the privileges of the merchantcuted --At the Warwick 2ssizes, company for his son when of age. John Britain was convicted of the [S] Fire occasioned by a candle. murder of his wife.-- He was exc. On Saturday night about half past cuted last Friday; and like the nine o'clock, a fire broke out in a wretch Nicholson he declared at thatched house in the village of the place of execution, that he had L clowinnoch, the property of Me no personal animosity against his James Connel, which was entirely wife when he went to bed on the consumed. The fire was occasioned evening preceding the murder; by a woman incautiously going and could not account for his com- abont the bed with a candle. mitting the dreadful act only as he [5] Accident by gun powder.was instigated by tie Devi!.

A few weeks ago a woman r: sid. SEPTIEMBER.

ing at the foot of the water of (1) Fffect of Passion--- A few Doun, dyshire, imprudently kind. days ago some boys at Dysart hav- ling her fire with gunpowder was ing quarrelled, one of them was severely scorched by the flame seize stabbed with a knife in several ing lier clothes., places by his companion, in con. [13] Accident from swinging. sequence of which he died the same During the Olympics in St. Bartho. evening.

lomew'sFair on Monday, two young . [1] Accident by blowing....On women were sudden!y throwa from the gih inst. Archibald Cameron, a swing, and dreadfally bruised ; a young lad employed in a quarry one of them had her left arm and

leg broken, and the other had her [6] Accident in a thrashing skull fractured.

machine, On Friday last a young (13) Intoxication. On Tues- man of the name of Nimmo, serday afternoon, a young man, in a vant to Mr Neil, farmer, Carse. state of intoxication in passing nock, near Kirkliston, incautious. through Norwich-court, Fetterly went to bring some oil from one lane, snatched up a child, about of the pillars which supports the three years old, from the door of its roof of the external cone, whilst parents, and while tossing it up, the mill was at work, when one of (apparently in sport) unfortunately the levers pressed his head against missed the child in its descent, and the pillar, and ere medical aid could it fell with its head on the pave- be procured, the vital spark was ment with such violence, as to extinct.. force the blood out of its ears, and [0] Ac?ident from gunpowder. it now lies in a hopeless state. A man lately went into a pablic

[13] Murderer executed, and house near Hounslow with a parcel restless state of his mind pre- containiug 12 lbs of Gunpowder. viously..On Monday si'ennight, and laid it down on the table, Luke Heath was excated at the round whichsoine men were smockDrop, in front of the County Goal ing A spark touched it, and iterGloucester, for the murder of Sarah ploded, by which several persons Harris, at Cow Honeyborne, four were dreadfully hurt. years ago. It would appear that his (6) Effects of inebriety. Last conscience had been but ill at rest Wednesday, three carteis who had after the commission of the murder: been employed in driving wood, for he had been several times in and were returning home by the London, had visited Birmingham, water of Bervie in a state of inetraversed Kent and Northampton- briety, imprudently ventured to shire, been four months on board a ford the water, when two of them brig belonging to Newcastle, had with their horses and carts were: gone into some parts of Scotland swept away by the torrent. and Ireland, and still was bereft of [11] Fall from a window. the power of settling any where. Monday last, a servant girl, who

[20] Executions. This morning had been cleaning a window at a James Leary, for the murder of Ed. house in Warren-street, Fitzrosward Clifford, and John Denton, for square, fell from the same, by which the like offence on the body of Ca. accident she fractured her skull, tharine Denton, were, pursuant to broke one of her wrists, and was their sentences, executed before the otherwise so much injured, that she Debtor's door, Old Bailey.

was taken to the Hospital with lit OCTOBER. . tle hopes of recovery.. [1] Swimming in a current, [11] Clothes taking fire-01 The litile river Roy, in Lochaber. Tuesday night, a young female of was swollen so much by the recent the name of Sinkers, an apprentice rains, as to become untordable. to a feather-maker at Lissow-row Lately, as a young man was at. Newington, who had been left sit tempting to swim accross at the ting up, set fire to her clothes, and confluence of that stream with was burnt so much that she espu. the Spean, he was carried down by ed on Wednesday.. . the rapidity of the current, and un

liu Blasting of a coal mine,

[11] Blasting J A CORE fortunately drowned,

· We regret to state that another of

ose dreadful calamities, the blast. ture it had absorbed, he was suddeng of a coal mine occurred on ly attacked with spasm in the part, uesday last, at the tial Pitt at which carried him off in an instant. atfield, in the parish of Chester-le- [25] Swallowing needles --reet. Upwards of thirty men and Miss M, Evans of Arundel, who vs were killed.

died on Monday, had been confined (13] Accident in feeding a lint to her bed upwards of twelve years ill. --On Friday se'ennight, a girl in consequence of having swallowbout 14 years of age, while feed- ed a quantity of needles-thirteen ig a lint mill at Milton, about pieces of which had been extracted vo miles northeast from Glasgow, from different parts of her body ne of her arms was drawn in by previous to her dissolution. le machine and shockingly crush

NOVEMBER. 1. She died on Wednesday (10) Clothes catching fire. orning.

The following distressing circum[13] Accident by a fly wheel stance took place at Sovire, on ngine.On Tuesday forenvon a Wednesday last. Elliot William, oung man of the name of Robert. a fine promising boy, about three in, was killed by the fly wheel years of age, son of the Rev. E. fa steam engine at Auldhouse W. Davidson, having approached leachfield, near Pollokshaws. too near the fire, his clothes came

(13) Clothes taking fire.-One in contact with it, and enveloped ay last week, at Dunfermline him in flames. His piercing shrieks outer-bill colliery, whilst a child of were heard by his eldest sister, bout eight or ten years of age was who immediately rushed into the utting on her clothes before the room, and very prudently wrapt le, the fame accidently caught him in a bed-cover. Supposing er frock and burnt her so dread- the fire to be extinguished, she ully that she only survived a few carried him to his mother; but,

unfortunately, when the cover was 113) A fall from a stair.On removed, the air communicating Cuesday last, a poor old woman with the fire, caused it to burn ell from the top of an outside stair, with greater fury; nor could it be n a' close of the Murray-gate, completely extinguished, till he Dundee, ard was killed on the was so dreadfully burrit, as to be pct.

only able to survive 48 hours. [18] Caution to parents, &c.-. (10) Murderer executed.---Ans As a fine toy four years and a half drew Culien, late sergeant-armourold; son of Mr Terry, of Pedlinge er in the 21st regiment, was exelear Mythe, was playing with some cuted at Inverness, on Friday se'enmall beans, having put some night, pursuant to his sentence, for nto his mouth, one of them by the murder of his wife. ome means slipped into the wind [17] Clothes taking fire.-An pipe. Surgical assistance was im- inquest was taken on Thursday, at nediately, thougha in vain, procur- the house of Mr Love, in Bird

d: he was in great distress for street, on the body of Miss Fcrdyce, jome time, till it passed to the bot. aged 18, who died in consequence tom of the wind-pipe, He remain- of her clothes taking fire on Satured in a feverish state for some days, day. She was left reading by the and when the bean had become parlour fire, sitting up for jer aunt, considerably enlarged by the mois. and the servant alarnied by her


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screams, ran into the room and

DECEMBER found her clothes in a complete (1) Ice breaking:--A fine Log blaze.

nine years of age, of the came of [47]. Acciden: by a thrashing Scotland, was drowned on monday mill--Last week a farm servant niştit in the water of Leith, near at Cairn-hill, of Ellon, was unfor. Hallesfield The boy and several funately killed, while driving the more were playing on the ice wher? horse in a Thrash'ng-mill. The it broke in, but all got of except unfortunate man was found lying him. with his face on the ground (1) Ire breaking -- A melanand a deep wound behind his ear, choly accident happened a: Jedoccasioned, as is supposed, by a burgh on Saturday evening. 41 bolt in the arm of the mill striking some boys were amusing by sliding him, as he fullowed the horse in upon the Jed, opposite the marse his circuit.

the ice gave way, and two of the (17) The death of a murderer boys surik, and were unfortunately by his own hands--The miserable diowned. After they were get wretch William Glover, who was out of the water, the ordinary lately committed to Monmouth means were resorted to, to restore gaol, for the shocking murder of animat on, but without effect. bis father and mother, destroyed (2) Skating:-On monday to himself in that prison on Friday young gentlenien, belonging to morning. One of his fellow priso- Newcastle, were drowned while ners having given Glover his por- skating on the New Water pont tion of bread and cheese to break- on the town moor. fast, sat himself down on a bench (4) Ice breaking..Tueslay after before the fire, placing the knife roon, while some boys were amrika under him, which he sat upon. ing themselves on a piece of wat Glover seeing the knife pushed the near the east harbour Greeneck man forwards upon the fire, snatch- which had been recently frozes ed it up, and with a violent stroke over, the ice gave way, and three cut his own throat ;-another pri.' of them unfortunately went down. soner immediately seized his hand From the time which elapsed bt which heid the knife when he fore they were got out, two of them raised the other to his neck and were with difficulty restored to and tearing open the wound with animation ; every effort was use, great violence became most drcad. but without success, on the other fully agitated, and shortly after (6) An example for imitationsunk from the loss of blood and The magistrates, minister, ant expired.

ders, and a great number of in (22) Fire arm5.-On monday respectable inhabitants of Irvine, evening whilst two children, sons had a ineering oni uonday the 15* of Mr Archley, in Curgon-street, ult. when they unanimously agree were playing in the kitchen, one to enter into a subscription Arte of them took up a fowling-piece iniportant purpose of paying which incautiously had been left the education of poor orphans, ara loaded, and presented it. The piece also for those whose parents are 9 went off, and lodged a small share such indigent circumstances, 2:3 of its contents in the shoulder of put it out of their power to take the servant-inaid.

cate their children."




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