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W ITH infinite pleasure your work I survey,

And earnestly wish it may last;
After bearing the burden and heat of the day
• I haste to the welcome repast.
T'he welfare and care of the humble in life

In your present endeavours are seen :
In a Cor, far removed from tumult and strife,

I muse on your CHEAP MAGAZINE.
The Beacon* an awful example may be!

And I trust that as such it has been.
Awake then, ye slothful, and with me agree

To purchase this CHEAP MAGAZINE,
Ye careless and indolent! open your eyes,

Ah ! halt not, I pray you, between:
And you that are young, here's matter to prize,

Contain'd in this CHEAP MAGAZINE.
Consider ye Parents ! on you it depends

To bend the young Sprig while it's green;
I'm apt to believe, you'll accomplish your ends,

By a purchase of this MAGAZINE.


* page 6.

Then like Tommy the Hero*, (or Bricklayer's Son.)

Altho' but of age scarce fourteen,
Without his endeavours would all been undone: -

Then purchase this CHEAP MAGAZINE.
How lovely is Virtue in juvenile minds,

Where no vicions propensity's seen:****
Bright examples of this, the poor Labourer finds,

In this far-fam'd and cheap MAGAZINE
· How cheerful at even, reclind on the lea, :

The youths of the hamlet I've seen,
In love and simplicity sweetly agree

In perusing this CHEAP MAGAZINE.
Attend, too, ye fair ones, the pride of our kind,

Whose presence enlivens each scene; .
How happy I'd be, could 1 see you combin'd..

To purchase this CALAY MAGAZINE.

For cheap, moral instruction, I've heard you express

A desire sometimes, well, I ween,
'Tis prepar’d, it is here ;-seize upon it, possess

What you wish'd for in this MAGAZINE.

The surest direction these volumes present, 13

Well adapted from danger to screen;
You may learn, you may practise ; nor will you repeat

That you purchas'd this CHEAP MAGAZINE,

Purchase, read, and reflect, and prevent the despair,

That befel the once fam'd Magdalent ;', .***
And to copy Old William'st example, take care,

Set before you in this MAGAZINE...

But my pen I must quit, for bright Pheebus bas fled,

And darkness invests all the green:
Being wearied with labour I hasten to bed here
So good night to my Cheap MAGAZINĚ. 2 3

Annan, October 11th, 1813.

And Constakt Ra


No. I. of Vol. II. will be published on Friday the sixth January 1814.

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liness. He afterwards carried the [4.] GAMING.–At Alicant, hod as a bricklayer's labourer, and Oct. 3oth, a Spanish officer hav- at length by dint of industry and ing lost, at billiards, 3000 dollars parsimony, with some assistance, to a British officer, waylaid him he amassed money till at the time in a dark passage fiom the billiard of his death it amour.ted to the room to the street, and stabbed enormous sum stated above. him through the heart.

(11.) A child's death by Fire weet ...(6) Fire occasioned by a chim: Tuesday an inquest was held beney.On Monday last a house in fore G. Hodgson, Esq. Coroner, at Abercromby place was discovered Ashly-arms public-house, Clerkento be on fire, occasioned by the well, on view of the body of Henry burning of the chimney of the Alder, a child, four years old, who neighbouring house.

it appeared, came by his death by [6] Accident by a thrashing ma- his cloth:s catching fire, in the. vbine.-On Tuesday Jast, an inter. absence of his nurse esting boy about 6 or 7 years of [15] Accident by a maid falling age, having got upon the lever of asleep on the roof of a coach.--On a thrashing machine to ride, he · Tuesday evening last, as a young was unfortunately caught by the woman was travelling on the outbeam, and killed on the spot... şide of the Arundel stage-coach,

[8] Accident by ice breaking. she dropped asleep on the roof, and As a party of boys, eigh een in fell from it, when one of the wheels number, were amusing themselves passed over her, and unhappily last week near Batile, in Sussex, kille:l her on the spot. by sliding on the ice over a pond (15] Sliding down balustrades. which was remarkably deep, it Lord Loughborough, a youth, only suddenly gave way, and the whole-son of the earl of Rossyln, amuswent under and were drowned. ing himself last week by sliding

(8) Accumulation of wealth down the balustrades of the from a small beginning.- A per- stairs at a house in Canterbury, son of the name of Baldock, died pitched on his head, and was taken lately at Canterbury, at the age of up apparently lifeless. Jittle more than sixty, possessed of [20] Feeding rollers. On newone million and one hundred thou. year's-day a girl while feeding the sand pounds. He was originally a rollers of the Monkland lint mill, poor boy employed to look after near Airdrie, had her right araj cows, and remarkable for sloven- unfortunately caught by the rollers,


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which shattered it so much, that in Oxford-street, ivas so shockiogly amputation was necessary; and burnt by her clothes taking fire, she died in a day or two.

on Sunday evening, that she can(20) Bank loosened by a thaw, not possibly survive. She had fal. On Monday last while two men len asleep by the kitclien bite, were employed in boring a stone at and it is supposed the candle set a quarry called the Dancing Cairn fire to her dress. in the neighbourhood of Aberdeen, (15] Fire communicated to joisti. part of the bank being loosened by On Thursday afternoon a fire broke à thaw after a severe frost, gave out at Mr Afflect's, baker, Broadway with some of the solid rock, well, Ratcliff, which in a short and falling upon them crushed time consumed the premises. The them very severely.

fire is supposed to have been com[25] Accident in a mill.-At municated from the flue of the eArundel, whilst Mr Horn was at- ven, which runs under the parlour tending to the operations of a mill, to the jo'sis of the floor. and 50 the cogs of one of the wheels rapid were the flames, that but a caught his clothes, and drew him small portion of the furniture was into the works, by which he was saved. crushed to atoms,

(15) Clothes taking fire-as [27] Fire arms.--The following Mrs Pryse, (lady of Pryse Pryse, melancholy event took place on Esq. of Gogerddan, was preparing, Friday last at Hassendeanburn : to go to bed, on the morning of Two of Mr Dickson's servants new year's day, her night-dres went out to shoot hares, when the came in contract with a resh-ligat gun which one of them carried ac- and was instantly in a blaze, and cidently went off, and so severely although she had the presedce of wounded the other that he died in mind to ring the bell, and almost about half an hour thereafter. immediate assistance was afforced,

[27) Ice breaking -A distress- it had only the effect of preventina ing accident happened at Mid.calinstant death. der: some school boys amusing them [22] Accident from waleing selves on the milldam, the ice gave the streets in wind.- Friday as : way, and two of them fell into the poor woman was passing along water; other three in attempting Oxford-street, the wind blowing to rescue their companions, also tremendously, she was felled to the went beyond their depth, and two earth by a chimney-pot, which of them only were got cut alive. caused her almost justaptanicous

[27] Accident fromatea-pot. death. A fine girl about two or three [23] Ice breaking.-A Foung years of age, was so burnton Wed- lad of twelve years of age, a nesday night in George-street, drowned in the Dunfermline to Glasgow, by swallowing boiling loch, about ihree weeks ago, by tea out of a tea-pot which was the breaking of the ice. standing on the table, that she

MARGH. died rext day.

(1) Grent rise from a small FEBRUARY.

beginning.--In John Henry Bunn, [8] A young woman burnt.-- Esq. who died at the advanced are A young woman of the name of of 88, after having filled the otace Georges, scrvant to Mrs Rowlands, of vestiy clerk of the parish


Christ Church. Surry, we have an braised him so severely, that he example of what industry aided by died in consequence the day foleconomy can effect. He rose from lowing. the situation of schoolmaster to the [8] Fire arms.---Owing to the parish children at & salary of 251. culpable negligence of leaving fire2 year to the elevated sphere of a arms within the reach of young justice of the peace, and deputy people, the following accident hapo lieutenant of the county. He bepened lately :-The son of Mr queathed to the parish for nien's Shepherd, mason, near Wincombe alms houses 10,000!, women's ditto Church, Somersetshire, took up a 3,00cl. and charity schools 5,000l. gun, and, not knowing it was load

[1] Horrors of war.-Dispatch- ed, shot his sister in the head. es from Lord Cathcart, at Peters- [10] From wind. At Mootrose burg, dated Jan. 16, state, that in on Saturday se'enight, a young the neighbourhood of Wilna, there girl had her skull fractured from were, at that time, sixteen thouse the door of a passage being suddenand corpses piled up in hears, for ly driven back by the violence of the purpose of being consumed by the wind. fire, when suficient wood could be [17] In hurrying from Church.-procured ; but numbers remained On Sunday se’ennight, while the uncollected.

people were assembling in the (3) Accident by a rail giving church of Roskeen, a part of the way. On sunday night lasi, James loft, which was immensely crowdSkinner, late glover in Perth, fell ed, yielded suddenly with a crash, over the s air of his own house, by which excited the greatest alarm. means of the railing giving way, In endeavouring to escape from the and was so much hurt that he died. darger which threatened them,

[4] Child stripping.--On Mon- many persons were trampled down day, a woman was detected in the and dreadfully bruised. Two of ut of stripping a child, whom she the women have since died of the had decoyed from his parents' door injury they received, and several in Fulham Rents, Tottenham-court others are in a hopeless situation. road.

APRIL, [5] An example to be imitated. [2] A fortune-teller drowned. The Spita:field soup society, state A vagrant who imposed on the in a public advertisement, that, in peasantry by pretending to read the years 1811 and 1812, they sold fortunes, was drowned on Tuesday 425,784 quarts of soup at one pen- Jast in the river Ægish; it appears ny per quart, affording relief io that he was intoxicated and fell upwards of 4000 families, each out of the passage boat, his wife consisting of six persons, on an a- and another woman were present verage.

but could afford him no assistance. 15) Cli:nbing high walls.-On (5] Fire occasioned by a chimSaturday se'ennight, as some boys ney. We are sorry to learn that a were amusing themselves at the fire broke out onSaturday afternoon Seaton dykes in the vicinity of about three o'clock, in the vent of Aberdeen, one of them being in- the chimney of the kitchen of Ec. duced to climb up for the purpose cles manse, which communicatini of recovering a hand ball which with the wooden rafters, suon set had lodged on the top of the wall, the whole building in flames, by a large stone fell upon him and which in a short time it was enEEE 2:


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