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of laudanum may be given, or even thirty or forty if required; and the body to be kept as warm as possible with hot blankets and flannels; and bags of hot bran or salt about the region of the stomach and bowels, where a warm bath cannot be had. It appears that the patient does not feel cold to himself, although to other people, his body is cold and clammy, like the skin of a frog. Persons in health wishing to keep the bowels in order, are recommended at this time, not to take cold medicines, like salts, but warm ones, like rhubarb. An equal quantity of rhubarb, magnesia, and ginger, is an excellent medicine at all times, and is not only good for the bowels, but corrects acidity in the stomach also. But much physicking and drugging is to be avoided. V.


Call your children together every morning and evening to ask God's protection, and to thank him for the blessings which you have. Never neglect attending church on Sunday. More criminals at the gallows say they have been brought there by neglecting the worship of God on the Sabbath, than by any other thing. Take care every evening to search the Scriptures.—Cottager's own Book.

Mysteries are truths not discoverable by human reason, but made known by Divine revelation.—Archbishop Whateley.

Every step in sin is a step in sorrow.—J. Henderson.

Regard how men act, rather than what they say. Professions are easy, but actions are a sure and simple test.—J". C.

, He who will not see when he should or could, shall not see when he would.—Lavater.


W Cholera.—A large paper has been hawked about London, bearing the following inscription.—"Dram-drinkers must expect to be the first sufferers from cholera." It is said by others that those who are in a poor state of body from low living, or dirt, or breathing impure air, are particularly liable to attacks of this disease. These accounts come to the same thing; for dram-drinking brings people to a low state. A dram raises them for a Bhort time above their natural state, and then they sink again to a very low state in consequence of this unnatural excitement.

Bed-curtains.—A free circulation of fresh air being necessary to promote the health and prolong the life of man, it is difficult to conceive any more effectual means of hindering the operation of this most beneficial agent than bed-curtains. Where thick heavy bed-curtains are closely drawn around a family-bed, for instance, in which a husband and wife, and occasionally an infant pass a third part of their time, the air within the curtains must necessarily be breathed again and again by the unfortunate occupants of the bed, and every additional time that it is respired, it becomes more and more unfit to support life.—Henderson's Rules for Improving Health.

Lately, about 12 at night, a fight took place in the Fair-field, between two men, named Triggs and Mody. The fight lasted half an hour, when Mody struck his opponent a tremendous blow, and fell very heavily upon him at the last round. Triggs was attended by Mr. Dodd, surgeon, who took 40 ounces of blood from him. He was afterwards conveyed to the Infirmary, where he died about noon the next day.—Brighton Herald.

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We have received the communications of S. H.; Lt.{ Si'iR:; A. A. S.; W. A..- T. S. B.; J. C.; C. F. G.; L if.;'tfV.C. S. R.; Country Sketches; A Yorkshire Curate; H.' B. &.; A Prayer; S. W.; Jonathan Hodyes; B. O. H.: A.K^JG. I. Fenton; Z.; Laicus; E. F. E.; with several Anonymous' ;C.o.iSmunications. r,jui;

The Papers of J. C. did arrive at the proper time in London, 'but did not reach the Editor in the country till some time afterwards. The Essay on Truth in our next.

H. B. W. will find a parcel for him at our Publishers', in St. . Paul's Church-Yard, when he has an opportunity of sending for it. We are sorry that S. W's. excellent story of " John tha Footman," was too late for this number.

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Accounts, utility of keeping.. 496
Address to the Inhabitants of

St. Giles's '. 69

Agur's prayer 7

Animal attachment 363

Bad company 485

Bank, labourers' C2

Baptismal hymn 405

Bathurst's hymn 469

Bed stuffing 238

Beehive 205

. Beer, adulterating 31

Beverly, R. M., Esq. and Rev.

W. F. Wild's answer 389

Bible, verses on the 435

Birds 234

Blunt, Rev. H. 450, 529

Bogatzky 421

Boiled corn 468

Bolton hymn 520

Bramble 550

British herb tea 527

Brooker 106, 271

Brown, honest John 129

Catechism In rhyme 516

Catholic, explanation of the

word.. , 489

Caution 37«


Chlorides 236

Cholera morbus 438, 520, 567

Christmas sonnets 550

Church going 158

service 166

Clubs, clothing..44, 73, 116, 118

, coal 157

, St. James's parish .. 235

, Sunday school 215

Coachman's letter 63

Coals, receipt for saving .... 549

Coffee 506

Comfort of a Christian, verses

on 25

Commandments, ten 536

Comparisons 400

Conscience, verses on 348

Contentment 53, 405

Cookery 262,264

Cottager's, dialogue between 124
Count the cost 423

Death, lines on 463

of the righteous 542

, reflections on 441

Debt, on getting into 402

Devotion, and love of sacred

song ..... 361

, spirit of 445

Distress of the country 319

Do good unto all men ...... 4-

[blocks in formation]


Oberlin s. 52. 162

Orcharding •.^ .j. 461, 558

Over anxiety ............ 546

Parents, duty to 294

'' letter on the loss of a

child.. 410

Peas pudding 424

Perilous times , 255

Pick your road 316

Poor man's expositor .. 1, 49, 97,

145, 241, 371, 325, 453.

Poor of this world 331

Potatoe flour 549

Prayer 42,99,132,135, 199, 208,

329, 369, 457.

and preaching 11

Praying through Christ .... 544
Provident society of Brighton 211

Prince Henry 131

Prison, letter from 154

Pruning saw 468

Providences, retributions.... 391

Psalm 155, 464, 540

Public worship 517

Rain, signs of 443

Receipts 138, 526, 561

Reform 281, 562

Relief for sore backs 63

Religion, sin of ridiculing .. 450

, mistakes in 18

Repentance 555

Resignation 341

Revolution 102

Rick burners 88

Rot in sheep 527

Rothsay Castle 509

Sabbath ..17, 179, 202, 373, 458
Sacrament of the Lord's Supper 29,
79, 99, 158.

Sacred poetry 283

Salvation, defective views of 244

Savings' banks 381, 491

School 407

Scripture, self-application of.. 214

Self-denial 378

destroyers 35

examination 529

Separation at the last day.. 451

Sermons 26, 66, 403, 270

Simple pleasures 211

Sladc's sermon 403, 451

Slip of paper 457

Small pox 333

Sonnet 212, 474

Stage-coach companions .... 226

Stitch in time 493

Sudden deaths 113

Sufneld, Lord, on gaming .. 490

Suffocation 133

Sunday, Dr. Johnson's scheme 175

Surgeon, lines on 370

Swallow 498

Swearing 332, 512

Swiss 115

Taxes, how to get rid of .... 427

Temper 195

Temperance 229

society 346, 397

Temptation 255

Thanksgiving 148

Time, verses on 511

Times, reflexion on the .... 133

Tithes, talk about 183

Tongue in every leaf 360

Tracts, religious 151

Travellers, caution to 315

True knowledge 388

Truth, search for 268

Tiy again 367

Tyler, the Rev. J. E 69

Uncle Newbury 316, 367

Ungodliness 483

Vaccination 351, 406

Vegetable bitters 163

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