London Government Act, 1899. Wards: Description of and Statistics Relating to the Wards of Parishes in the County of London. G.L. Gomme, Statistical Officer

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London County Council, 1899 - 63 oldal

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43. oldal - Any agreement for the loan of money, or any security for the payment of money only ; or...
42. oldal - Has, within five years before his election or since his election, been convicted either on indictment or summarily of any crime, and sentenced to imprisonment with hard labour, without the option of a fine, or to any greater punishment, and has not received a free pardon, or has, within or during the time aforesaid, been adjudged bankrupt, or made a composition or arrangement with his creditors...
129. oldal - ... district. The Board may also, with the consent of the Treasury, appoint from time to time a person or persons, either temporarily or otherwise, to assist a district auditor in the performance of his duties, and any person so appointed shall, subject to any exceptions made by the terms of his appointment, have the same powers and duties and be subject to the same obligations as the district auditor whom he is appointed to assist. The Board, with the like consent, may assign to a person so appointed...
16. oldal - In any such event the council shall forthwith declare the office to be vacant, and signify the same by notice signed by three members of the council, and countersigned by the town clerk, and fixed on the town hall, and the office shall thereupon become vacant.
126. oldal - ... forty shillings ; and if he falsely or corruptly makes or signs any such declaration, knowing the same to be untrue in any material particular, he shall be liable to the penalties inflicted on persons guilty of wilful and corrupt perjury...
69. oldal - Subject to the foregoing provisions the ancillary receiver and his deputies shall have the same powers and be subject to the same duties with respect to the administration of such assets, as a receiver of an insurer domiciled in this state.
185. oldal - Act, 1868, respecting arbitrations by the Board of Trade, and the enactments amending those provisions, shall apply as if they were herein re-enacted and in terms made applicable to the Local Government Board and the determination of the matters aforesaid.
183. oldal - Board may direct, and the Board may certify the amount of the costs incurred, and any sum so certified and directed by the Board to be paid by any council or authority shall be a debt to the Crown, from such council or authority.
182. oldal - Bill confirming any such Order is pending in either House of Parliament, a petition is presented against any...
184. oldal - The Local Government Board may from time to time cause to be made such inquiries as are directed by this Act, and such inquiries as they see fit in relation to any matters concerning the public health in any place, or any matters with respect to which their sanction approval or consent is required by this Act.

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