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P. Shew unto uis, S. Oftende nobis, O Lord, thy mercy. Domine, misericordi

am tuam. R. And give us thy Resp. Et falutare tufalvation.

am da nobis. P. O Lord, hear S. Domine, exaudi my Prayer.

orationem meam. R. And let my cry Refp. Et clamor mecome unto thee. us ad te veniat.

P. Our Lord be S. Dominus vobifwith you.

cum. R. And with thy Refp. Et cum spiri

tu tuo. P. Let us pray. S. Oremus. . The Priest, going to the Altar, says : :

Take away from us Aufer à nobis, quæour iniquities, we be- sumus, Domine, inifeech thee, O Lord ; quitates noftras ; ut ad that we may be wor- Sancta Sanctorum puthy to enter with pure ris mereaiur mentibus minds into the Holy of introire, per Chriftum Holies ; thro' Christ Dominum noftrum. our Lord. Amen. : Amen. When the Priest is come up to the Altar, bowing

down, he says : We beseech thee, o Oramus te, Domine, Lord, by the merits per merità Sanctorum of thy Saints, whofe tuorum, quorum relirelicks are here, and quiæ hic funt, & omof all the Saints, that nium Sanctorum, ut

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