At the Post-COMMUNION : W E give thee thanks, O God, for thy

mercy, in admitting us to have a part in offering this Sacrifice to thy holy name : Accept it now to thy glory, and be ever mindful of our weakness. Then he turns to the people, and gives them his

blessing, making the sign of the cross over them

with his hand, saying : REnedicat vos omni- ALmighty God, FaD potens Deus, Pater, ther, Son, and & Filius, & Spiritus holy Ghost, + bless fanctus. R. Amena

R. Amen. This blessing is omitted in Masses for the Dead.

S. Dominus vobif- P. Our Lord be cum,

with you. (R. Et cum fpiritu R. And with thy tuo.

spirt. Initium fancti Evange- The beginning of the holy

lii, secundúm Joan- Gospel, according to nem.

St. John. R. Gloria tibi, Do- R. Glory be to thee, mine.

. O Lord. IN principio erat ver- IN the beginning was 1 bum, & verbum I the word, and the erat apud Deum : & word was with God : Deus erat verbum.Hoc and the word was God.

This This was in the begin- erat in principio apud ning with God. All Deum. Omnia per things were made by ipfum facta funt, & him; and without him fine ipso factum est, was made nothing nihil, quod factum eft. which was made. In In ipso vita erat : Et him was life, and the vita erat lux homilife was the light of num: Et lux in tenemen; and the light bris lucet, & tenebræ fhineth in darkness, eam non comprehenand the darkness did derunt. . not comprehend it.


There was a man Fuit homo miffus á sent from God, whose Deo, cui nomen erat name was John. This foannes. Hic venit in man came for testimo- teftimonium, ut teftiny, to give testimony monium perhiberet de of the light, that all lumine, ut omnes cres might believe through derunt per illum. Non him. He was not the crat ille lux ; fed ut light; but to give testi- testimonium perhibemony of the light. It ret de lumine. Erat was the true light, lux vera, quæ illumiwhich enlightnech e- nat omnen hominem very man that cometh venientem in hunc into this world. mundum.

He was in the world, In mundo erat, & and the world was mundus per ipsum made by him, and the factus est, & mundus world knew him not. eum non cognovit. In He came to his own, propria venit, & sui and his own received eum non receperunt. him not. But as many Quotquot autem rece

perunt perunt eum, dedit eis as received him, he poteftatem Filios Dei gave them power to fieri; his, qui credunt be made the Sons of in nomineejus:qui non God; to those that ex fanguinibus, neque believe in his name; ex voluntate carnis, who, not of blood, nor neque ex voluntate of the will of Aesh, viri fed ex Deo nati nor of the will of man, funt : ET VERBUM but of God are born : CARO FACTUM EST, AND THE WORD & habitavit in nobis ; WAS MADE FLESH, & vidimus gloriam e- and dwelt in us. And. jus, gloriam quasi u- we saw the glory of nigeniti á patre, ple him; glory as it were. num gratiæ & verita- of the only begotten tis.

of the Father, full of

grace and verity. R. Deo gratias. Resp. Thanks be to


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The Words of St. Blofius, O Pelages Sanctæ.

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LITANIÆ. Beatæ Virginis Mariæ.

ANTHEM. SUB tuum Præsidium confugimus, sancta

Dei Genetrix, noftras Deprecationes ne despicias in Neceffitatibus noftris, fed á Periculis cunctis libera nos, semper Virgo Gloriofa & Benedicta. Kyrie eleison. Christe eleison. Kyrie eleison. Chrifte audi nos.. Christe exaudi nos. Pater de Cælis Deus, Miferere nobis, Fili Redemptor Mundi Deus, Miserere Spiritus Sancte Deus,

Miferere Sancta Trinitas unus Deus, Miferere Sancta Maria, Sancta Dei Genetrix, Sancta Virgo Virginum, Mater Christi, Mater Divinæ Gratiæ, Mater purissima, Mater Chaftiffima, Mater Inviolata, Mater Intemerata, Mater Amabilis, Mater Admirabilis, Mater Creatoris, Mater Salvatoris, Virgo Prudentiffima, Virgo Veneranda, Virgo Prædicanda,


Ora pro nobis.

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