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Taking the first Ablution, he says: Rant, O Lord, that QUOD ore fumpfia U what we have ta mus, Domine, ken with our mouth pura mente capiamus, we may receive with a & de munere tempopure mind, that of a rali fiat nobis remeditemporal gift it may um sempiternum. become to us an eternal remedy.

Taking the second Ablution, he says: MAY thy Body, O COrpus tuum, De

1 Lord, which I mine, quod sumpli, have received, and thy & Sanguis quem potaBlood, which I have vi, adhæreat visceribus


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Having wiped his fingers, and the Chalice, he

covers it, and then going to the book, reads a verse out of the holy Scripture, calls the Communion, which is different every day; Then goes to the middle of the Altar, and turn

ing to the people, says : .. S. DOminus vobif- P. OUR Lord be cum.

V with you. R. Et cum spiritu R. And with thy tuo.

spirit. Then going to the book, he says the prayers call'd

the Post-Communion; which are different every day, and therefore cannot be here set

down. At the end of the Post-Communion, the Clerk an-'

fwers, Amen. And the Priest going to the middle of the Altar, turns about, and says:

Ominus vobif- P. OUR Lord be cum

o with you. R. Et cum fpiritu R. And with thy tuo.


P. Depart,

P. Depart, Mass is S. Ite, Miffa eft; finished; or, Let us vel, Benedicamus Dobless our Lord.

mino. R. Thanks be to R. Deo gratias. God.

Then bowing before the Altar, he says : LET the perform- PLaceat tibi, fancta

ance of my duty, Trinitas, obsequiO holy Trinity, be um servitutis meæ, & pleasing to thee, and præfta, ut facrificium grant, that the Sacri- quod oculis tuæ majefice which I unworthy ftatis indignus obtuli, have offered up in the tibi fit acceptabile ; fight of thy majefty, mihique, & omnibus may be acceptable to pro quibus illud obtuthee; and thro' thy li, sit, te miserante, mercy, be propitiatory propitiabile. Per Christo me, and to all those tum Dominum nostrum for whom I have offer- Amen. ed it. Thro' Chrift our Lord. Amen. While the Prieft is reading the Communion, and

Poft-Communion, you may say the following prayers.

At the COMMUNION, LET it be now, O Lord, the effect of thy

mercy; that we, who have been present at this holy mystery, may find the benefit of it in our souls.

At the Post-COMMUNION : WE give thee thanks, O God, for thy

mercy, in admitting us to have a part in offering this Sacrifice to thy holy name : Accept it now to thy glory, and be ever mindful of our weakness. Then he turns to the people, and gives them his

blessing, making the fign of the cross over them

with his hand, saying : BEnedicat vos omni- Almighty God, Fa

potens Deus,Pater, ther, Son, and & Filius, & Spiritus holy Ghost, + bless fanctus.

you, R. Amena

R. Amen.

This blefing is omitted in Masses for the Dead.

S. Dominus vobis P. Our Lord be cum,


you. R. Et cum fpiritu R. And with thy tuo.


Initium fanéti Evange- The beginning of the holy lii, fecundúm Joan Gospel, according to

St. John.


R. Gloria tibi, Do R. Glory be to thee, mine.

O Lord. IN principio erat ver IN the beginning was

bum, & verbum the word, and the erat apud Deum: & word was with God: Deus erat verbum.Hoc and the word was God.


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