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Taking the first Ablution, he says: Rant, O Lord, that QUOD ore fumpfia U what we have ta mus, Domine, ken with our mouth pura mente capiamus, we may receive with a & de munere tempopure mind, that of a rali fiat nobis remeditemporal gift it may um sempiternum. become to us an eternal remedy.

Taking the second Ablution, he says: MAY thy Body, O COrpus tuum, De

1 Lord, which I mine, quod sumpli, have received, and thy & Sanguis quem potaBlood, which I have vi, adhæreat visceribus


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Having wiped his fingers, and the Chalice, he

covers it, and then going to the book, reads a verse out of the holy Scripture, call'd the Communion, which is different every day; Then goes to the middle of the Altar, and turn

ing to the people, says : . S. DOminus vobif- P. OUR Lord be cum.

with you. R. Et cum fpiritu R. And with thy tuo.

fpirit. Then going to the book, he says the prayers calld

the Post-Communion; which are different every day, and therefore cannot be here set down.



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While the Priest is reading the Communion, and

Poft-Communion, you may say the following: prayers.

At the COMMUNION. I ET it be now, O Lord, the effect of thy

mercy; that we, who have been present at this holy mystery, may find the benefit of it in our souls.

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