Sed libera nos á malo. but deliver us from.

evil. R. Amen.

R. Amen, Libera nos, quæsu Deliver us, we bea. mus, Domine, ab om seech thee, O Lord, nibus malis, præteritis, from all evils, past, præsentibus & futuris: present, and to come: Et intercedente beata And by the intercession & gloriosa femper Vir- of the blessed and evergine Dei genetrice glorious Virgin Mary, Maria, cum beatis A- the Miother of God, postolis tuis Petro & and of the holy ApoPaulo, atque Andrea, ftles Peter and Paul, & omnibus Sanctis, da and of Andrew, and of propitius pacem in die all the Saints, favourabus noftris : Ut ope bly grant us peace in misericordiæ tuæ ad our days; that thro' juti, &'á peccato fimus the assistance of thy femper liberi & ab om- mercy, we may be ni perturbatione fecuri, always free from fin, Per eundum Domi- and secur'd from all num noftrum Jefum disturbance. Thro' Christum, Filium tu the fame Lord Jesus um, qui tecum vivit Christ, thy Son, who & regnat in unitate with thee liveth and Spiritûs fancti Deus. reigneth God, in the

unity of the holy

Ghost. S. Per omnia fæcula P. World without fæculorum.

end. Refp. Amen.

R. Annen. S. Pax Domini fit P. The peace of our semper vobiscum. Lord be always with


R. And

R. And with thy Refp. Et cum fpifpirit.

ritu tuo.

Here, breaking the Host, he puts a particle there

of into the Chalice, saying : MA and confecration

& consecratio of the Body and Blood Corporis & Sanguinis of our Lord Jesus Domini noftri Jefu Christ, be to us that Christi, fiat accipientireceive it, effectual to bus nobis in vitam ælife everlasting. Amen. ternam. Amen. Then bowing, and striking his breast thrice, he

fays : L Amb of God, that A Gnus Dei, qui to! takeft away the

lis peccata mundi, fins of the world, have miserere nobis. mercy on us.

Lainb of God, that Agnus Dei, qui tol. takest away the fins of lis peccata mundi, mithe world, have mercy serere nobis.

Lamb of God, that Agnus Dei, qui toltakeft away the fins of lis peccata mundi, dothe world, grant us


pacem. peace. L Ord Felus Chrift, DOmine Jefu Clorif

who faidst to thy te, qui dixisti Apostles, I leave peace postolis tuis, pacem reto you, my peace I linquo vobis, pacem give to you ; regard meam da vobis; ne renot my fins, but the fpicias peccata mea,sed


on us.



fidem Ecclefiæ tuæ; faith of thy Church, eamque

fecundum vo and vouchsafe her that luntatem tuam pacifi- peace and unity which care & coadunare dig- isagreeable to thy will, neris : Qui vivis & reg- who livest and reignest nas Deus per omnia God for ever and ever. fæcula fæculorum. A. Amen.



Omine Jesu Chrif Lord Jesus Chrift;

te, Fili Dei vivi, Son of the living qui ex voluntate Pa- God, who according to tris, co-operante Spiri- the will of thy Father, tu sancto, per mortem the holy Ghost cotuam mundum vivifi- operating, has, by thy casti ; libera ine per death, given life to hoc facrosanctum Cor- the world ; deliver me pus & Sanguinem tu- by this thy most facred um, ab omnibus ini- Body and Blood, from quitatibus meis & uni- all my iniq

all my iniquities, and verfis malis; & fac me from all evils; and tuis semper inhærere make me always admandatis, & á te nun here to thy commandquam feparari permit- ments and never suffer tas ; qui cum eodem me to be separated from Deo Patre & Spiritu thee ; who with the fancto vivis & regnas fame God the Father, Deus in fæcula fæcu- and the holy Ghost, lorum. Amen.

livest and reignestGod, world without end.

Amen. PErceptio Corporis L

ET not the partitui, Domine Jesu cipation of thy Christe, quod ego in- Bady, O Lord Jesus


Christ, which I, un- dignus fumere præsuworthy, presume to mo, non mihi provereceive, turn to my

niatin judicium &conjudgment and con demnationem; fed pro demnation; but let it,

tua pietate profit mihi thro’ thy mercy, be ad tutamentum menavailable to the safe. tis & corporis & ad guard and remedy medelam participienboth of the soul and dam: Qui vivis & regn body: Who with God nas cum Deo Patre, in the Father, in the unitate Spiritûs fancti unity of the holy Deus,per omnia fæcula Ghost,liveft and reign- fæculorum. Amen. est God, for ever and ever. Amen. N. B. That in the Malles for the Dead, the

first of these three prayers is omitted. And that at the Agnus Dei, instead of Have mercy on us, is said, Grant them Rest; and at the third time, Grant them Rest everlast

ingly. Here, kneeling, rising, and taking the Host in

his Hands, he says : I Will take the Bread PAnem coeleftum

of heaven, and cipiam, & nomen will call upon the Domini invocabo. name of 'our Lord. He strikes his breaft, saying thrice humbly and.


not Domine, non fum worthy, that thou dignus, ut intres B5



Lord, I am

fub tectum meum; fed shouldst enter under tantum dic verbo, & my roof; say but fanabitur anima mea, only the word, and

my soul shall be heal

ed. Domine non fum Lord, I am not dignus, ut intres fub worthy, that thou tectum meum ; fed shouldst enter under tantum dic verbo, & my roof; fay but only sanabitur anima mea. the word, and


foul shall be healed. Domine, non fum Lord, I am not dignus, ut intres fub worthy, that thou tectum meum ; fed shouldst enter under tantum dic verbo, & my roof; say but only sanabitur anima mea, the word, and my

soul shall be healed.

Receiving reverently both parts of the Host, he

says : COrpus Domineno


HE Body of our stri Jefu Chrifti Lord Jesus Chrift cuftodiat animam me- preserve my soul to am in vitam æternam. everlasting life. Amen. Amen. Here they that don't communicate will do well to

make a spiritual communion by acts of Faith,

Love, Desire, Humility and Contrition. Having paus’d a-while, he kneels down, and then

says: Uid retribuam Do Hat shall I render Q mino pro omni to our Lord for


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