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feech thee, o litionem fervitutis Lord, graciously to ac- noftræ, fed & cunctæ cept this oblation of familiæ tuæ, quæsuour servitude, as also mus, Domine, ut plaof thy whole family, catus accipias, diefque and dispose our days noftros in tua pace difin thy peace, and pre- ponas,atque ab æterna


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Kneeling, the Priest adores, and then elevates the

facred Hoft. In like manner after Simili modo pofthe had supp'd, taking quam cænatum eft,acalso this excellent Cha- cipiens & hunc præclalice into his holy and rum Calicem in fancvenerable hands, giv- tas ac venerabiles Maing thee also thanks, nus fuas, item tibi he blessed, and gave to gratias agens, benehis disciples, saying: dixit, deditq; discipu-'. Take, and drink ye all lis fuis, dicens : Accia of this, For this is pite, & bibite ex eo omthe CHALICE of my nes, HIC EST ENIM BLOOD, of the NEW CALIX SANGUINIS and ETERNAL TES- MEI, NOVI ET ÆTAMENT, the My- TERNI TESTAMENSTERY of Faith: TI, MYSTERIUM WHICH SHALL BE FIDEI, QUI PRO VOSHED FOR YOU, AND BIS, ET PRO MULFOR MANY, TO THE TUS EFFUNDETUR REMISSION OF SINS. IN REMISSIONEM


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