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Turning himself towards the people, he says:
Rate, fratres, ut B Rethren, pray that

meum ac veftrum D my facrifice and facrificium acceptabile yours may be acceptafiat apud Deum Patrem ble in the fight of God omnipotentem. . the Father almighty.

The people answer :
Uscipiat Dominus OUR Lord receive

facrificium de ma. V this sacrifice from nibus tuis, ad lau. thy hands, to the




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. Commemoration for the Living. Memento, Domi- Bemindful, O Lord, ne, famulorum famu- of thy fervants, men larumque tuarum N. and women, N. and & N. He prays a-while for those he intends to pray for;

then goes on as follows: . Et omnium circum- And of all here preftantium, quorum tibi sent, whose faith and fides cognita est, & no- devotion is known ta devotio, pro quibus unto thee, for whom tibi offerimus; vel qui we offer, or who offer tibi offerunt hoc sacri- up to thee this sacrifice ficium laudis pro fe, of praise for themsuisque omnibus, pro felves and foralltheirs; redemptione anima- for the redemption of rum suarum, pro fpe their fouls, for the falutis, & incolumita- hope of their salvation tis suæ, tibique reddunt and safety, and pay vota sua æterno Deo their vows to thee, vivo & vero.

the eternal, living and

true God. Communicantes, & Communicating with memoriam venerantes, and honouring themeimprimis gloriofæsem- mory, in the first per Virginis Mariæ, place, of ever-glorious genetricis Dei & Do- Virgin Niary, mother

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