as also for all faithful ftantibus, fed & pro christians both living omnibus fidelibus chriand dead, that it may ftianis vivis atque de. avail both me and them functus, ut mihi & illis to everlasting life. A- proficiat ad falutem in men.

: vitam æternam. Amen. The Priest puts the wine and the water into the

Chalice, saying :
God, whoin crea- D Eus, qui humanæ

ting human na- substantiæ dignitature hast wonderfully tem mirabiliter condidignified it, and re- difti, & mirabilius reform'd it again by a formafti; Da nobis per yet greater miracle: hujus aquæ & vini grant, that by the myfterium, ejus Dimystery of this water vinitatis efle confortes, and wine, we may be qui humanitatis noftræ made partakers of his fieri dignatus eft partiDivinity, who vouch- ceps, Jesus Christus, · safed to become parta- Filius tuus, Dominus ker of our humanity; nofter; qui tecum vi. namely Jesus Christ, vit & regnat in unitate thy Son, our Lord, Spiritûs fancti Deus, who with thee, in the per omnia fæculasæcuunity of the holy lorum. Amen. Ghost, liveth & reigneth, God, for ever and ever. Amen. Then offering the wine in the Chalice, in the

middle of the Altar, he says : W E offer thee, o Fferimus tibi, DoLord, the Cha- 4 mine, Calicem fa


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That I may hear'theUt audiam vocem voice of praise, and laudis, & enarrem shew forth all thy mar- universa mirabilia tua. vellous works.

Lord, I have loved Domine, dilexi dethe beauty of thy corem domûs tuæ, & house, and the place locum habitationis gloof the habitation of riæ tuæ. thy glory.

Destroy not, O God, Ne perdas cum immy foul with the im- piis, Deus, animam pious, and my life meam, & cum viris with bloody men. fanguinum vitam me

am. In whose hands are In quorum manibus iniquities, their right- iniquitates sunt, dextra hand is filled with eorum repleta eft mugifts.

neribus. But I have walked Ego autem in inno. in my innocency: re- centia mea ingreffus deem me, and have fum : redime me, & mercy on me.

miserere mei. My foot hath ftood Pes meus ftetit in in the right way; in directo; in ecclesiis bethe churches I will nedicam te, Domine. bless thee, O Lord.

Glory be to the Fa- . Gloria Patri, & Fither, &c.

lio, &c. The Priest bowing down in the midst of the Altar,

says : : R Eceive, O holy Uscipe, fancta TriA Trinity, this ob D nitas, hanc oblatio


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Turning himself towards the people, he says:
Rate, fratres, ut RRethren, pray that

meum ac veftrum D my facrifice and facrificium acceptabile yours may be acceptafiat apud Deum Patrem ble in the fight of God omnipotentem. the Father almighty.

The people answer :
Uscipiat Dominus OUR Lord receive

facrificium de ma w this sacrifice from nibus tuis, ad laus thy hands, to the


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