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high, O Jesus Christ, together with the holy Ghost, in the glory of God the Father. Amen. . · The Priest turning towards the People, says: S. Dominus vobif- P. Our Lord be

with you.. · R. Et cum fpiritu R. And with thy tuo.

Spirit. Then he says the Prayer or Collect, which is

different for every day. Seek for it in its proper Place, where you will clso find the Epistle proper for the day. At the end of the Collect, the Clerk answers, Amen; and at the end of the Epistle, Deo gratias, thanks be to God. After the Epistle follows the Gradual or Tract, · which is to be found in its proper place. At the end of the Gradual or Tract, the book

is removed to the other side of the Altar : In the mean time the Priest stands bowing down

at the middle of the Altar, and says : M Unda cor meum cLeanfe my heart

V & labia mea, om U and my lips, O nipotens Deus, qui la- almighty God, who bia Ifaiæ Prophetæcal didft cleanse the lips culo mundafti ignito : of the Prophet Isaiah Ita me tua grata mise. with a burning Coal : ratione dignare mun- Vouchsafe through thy dare,ut fanctum Evan- gracious mercy, so to gelium tuum digné va- purify me, that I may leam nuntiare, per worthily declare thy


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cified also for us under tertia die, fecundum Pontius Pilate, he suf- Scripturas. Et afcenfered and was buried, dit in Cælum: fedet ad and the third day rose dexteram Patris. Et again according to the iterum venturus eft Scriptures. And hę cum gloria, judicare ascended into heaven, vivos & mortuos : cu-, fitteth at the right jus regni non erit fihand of the Father : nis. And shall come again with glory, to judge both the living and the dead, of whose kingdom there thall be no end.

And in the holy Et in Spiritum fancGhost, the Lord and tum, Dominum & vigiver of life, who pro- vificantem, qui ex Paceedeth from the Fa- tre Filioque procedit. ther and the Son:Who Qui cum Patre & Fitogether with the Fa- lio fimul adoratur, & ther and the Son, is a- conglorificatur, qui lodor'd & glorify'd, who cutus eft per Prophespake by the Prophets. tas. Et unam sanctam And one holy, Catho- Catholicam & Apoftolic& Apoftolic Church. licam Ecclesiam. ConI confefs one Baptism fiteor unam Baptisma for the remission of in remissionem peccafins. And I expect torum. Et expecto the resurrection of the resurrectionem mordead, and the life of tuorum, & vitam venthe world to come. turi fæculi. Amen. Amen.


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