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THE Trustees of the “Buffalo City Cemetery,” submit to their fellow citizens a statement of the result of their labors in organizing the Association, securing the lands and preparing for occupation the grounds they have acquired.

The organization was effected in November, 1864, and the lands acquired embrace the old “Forest Lawn Cemetery," with lands adjoining, and containing in all more than 215 acres.

In effecting this object, the constant and close attention of the Trustees has been required, and has been given, and they have the satisfaction of knowing that their labors have been fairly appreciated by the mass of our citizens, for whose common benefit these efforts have been put forth. Heavy responsibilities were incurred by the Board, with an abiding confidence that the public would truly estimate their efforts, and sustain them in carrying forward the work to ultimate success. In this expectation the Trustees are happy to say that they have not been disappointed. Our citizens have responded to the calls of the Trustees, in a manner which has enabled them to meet thus far their obligations, lay out, improve and embellish the grounds in a manner which command general approval, and assures the success of the Association.

The grounds will still retain the name of “Forest Lawn," and with the encouragement and approbation already manifested by our citizens, will stimulate the Trustees to renewed efforts to

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