The Nautical Magazine: A Journal of Papers on Subjects Connected with Maritime Affairs, 37. kötet

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Brown, Son and Ferguson, 1868

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84. oldal - All foreign coin shall be current in Japan, and pass for its corresponding weight of Japanese coin of the same description. Americans and Japanese may freely use foreign or Japanese coin in making payments to each other.
235. oldal - Instinctively we all sprang at once on the sledges, and urged the dogs to their full speed. They flew across the yielding fragments to the field on which we had been stranded, and safely reached a part of it of firmer character, on which were several hummocks, and...
572. oldal - And in order that the above provisions as to forfeitures may be carried into effect, it shall be lawful for any commissioned officer on full pay in the military or naval service of Her Majesty, or any British officer of customs, or any British consular officer, to seize and detain...
36. oldal - The number of lives saved, either by the Life-boats of the Society, or by special exertions for which it has granted rewards, since its formation, is 16,995 for which services 83 Gold Medals, 779 Silver Medals, and .£26,500 in cash, have been given as rewards.
82. oldal - The entire roof is covered with a plating of gold, in the same manner as we cover houses, or more properly churches, with lead. The ceilings of the halls are of the same precious metal ; many of the apartments have small tables of pure gold...
572. oldal - If any colours usually worn by Her Majesty's ships, or any colours resembling those of Her Majesty, or any distinctive national colours, except the red ensign usually worn by merchant ships, or except the Union Jack with a white...
234. oldal - With a painful feeling of the impossibility of overcoming the obstacles which nature opposed to us, our last hope vanished of discovering the land, which we yet believed to exist.
464. oldal - But what are the spots? Many fanciful notions have been broached on this subject, but only one seems to have any degree of physical probability, viz. that they are the dark, or at least comparatively dark, solid body of the sun itself, laid bare to our view by those immense fluctuations in the luminous regions of its atmosphere, to which it appears to be subject.
459. oldal - ... around her ; and feeling that, she does not wait, but comes out to you, and extends to you her hand. She tells you she is ready to take upon her ancient civilization the graft of your civilization ; that she is ready to take back her own inventions, with all their developments...
602. oldal - The total number of ships which, according to the facts reported, appear to have foundered or to have been otherwise totally lost on and near the coasts of the United Kingdom...

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