The Practitioner, 11. kötet

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John Brigg, 1873
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147. oldal - Any fireplace or furnace which does not as far as practicable consume the smoke arising from the combustible used therein, and which is used for working engines by steam, or in any mill factory dyehouse brewery bakehouse or gaswork, or in any manufacturing or trade process whatsoever; and Any chimney (not being the chimney of a private d'welling-house) sending forth black smoke in such quantity as to be a nuisance...
143. oldal - With respect to the sufficiency of the space about buildings to secure a free circulation of air...
146. oldal - ... exposed for sale, or deposited in any place for the purpose of sale, or of preparation for sale, and intended for the food of man...
148. oldal - ... and in cases requiring it, he shall certify, for the guidance of the sanitary authority or of the justices, as to any matter in respect of which the certificate of a medical officer of health or a medical practitioner is required as the basis or in aid of sanitary action.
223. oldal - He shall keep a book, or books, to be provided by the sanitary authority, in which he shall make an entry of his visits, and notes of his observations and instructions thereon, and also the date and nature of applications made to him, the date and result of the action thereon and of any action taken on previous reports, and shall produce such book or books, whenever required, to the sanitary authority.
49. oldal - I give an ounce every two, three, or four hours, according to the severity of the case — that will be from twelve to thirty-six grains of quinine in the twenty -four hours according to the case.
433. oldal - Revised Edition. A Handbook of the Theory and Practice of Medicine. By Frederick T. Roberts, MD ; MRCP, Professor of Clinical Medicine and Therapeutics in University College Hospital, London.
147. oldal - ... 6. Any factory, workshop, or workplace (not already under the operation of any general Act for the regulation of factories or bakehouses), not kept in a cleanly state, or not ventilated in such a manner as to render harmless as far as practicable any gases vapours dust or other impurities generated in the course of the work...
143. oldal - With respect to the drainage of buildings, to waterclosets, privies, ashpits and cesspools in connection with buildings, and to the closing of buildings or parts of buildings unfit for human habitation, and to prohibition of their use for such habitation...
248. oldal - The trembling janitor looked all round in the vain hope of seeing some indication that nothing was really meant, but stern looks everywhere met him, and one of the students proceeded to blindfold him. The poor man was made to kneel before the block, the executioner's axe was raised, but instead of the sharp edge a wet towel was brought smartly down on the back of the culprit's neck. This was all the students meant to do, and thinking that they had now frightened the janitor sufficiently, they undid...

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