let us not generalize, -- the imperative need of every man is to get over from the natural and evil side of life to the Christ side, to give up worldly ways of feeling and acting, and pass into the Christly way; to die unto self and let Christ be formed in him, the true son of God and of man taking the place of the Adamic self, — a very definite and imperative work lying before every human soul. It is the secret of life, it is the key of destiny. How to bring it about is the question. It is an achievement, for it is nothing less, wrought, so far as we are concerned, by love to Christ, and by the service of love. For the whole nature follows love. Whithersoever it goes all the faculties troop after it. It is the magnet of human nature; where the heart is there are all the treasures of mind and will and moral nature. Let this love be planted in Christ, — won and fixed by our ever deepening sense of truth and goodness and all moral beauty, - and we begin to go over to Him upon it as upon a bridge. Character itself cannot be imparted or exchanged, but everything that goes to make character may be imparted, or quickened into action. Using this love as if it were some broad stream, the truth, the strength, the humility, the sympathy, the spiritual insight, the obedience, the very righteousness of Christ float down into us and become our own, and so at last we are one with Him and one with God, for He and God are one.

Let us not strive to find any other path for indi. vidual or social regeneration ; there is no other path. Here is the way, the truth, the life. We cannot save ourselves; we cannot think or will ourselves into the life of God; we cannot drift into it on the tide of time. We must go by the eternally ordained path of love to Him who is the revelation of eternal Love, — a Person, — and suffer his love to charm us into a kindred love; we must lay our hearts close beside his, that they may learn to beat with the same motion ; our wills near his, that they may fall into its harmony.

THE CHRIST'S PITY. “Nothing but the Infinite pity is sufficient for the infinite pathos of human life.”

“When you have lived longer in this world, and outlined the enthusiastic and pleasing illusions of youth, you will find your love and pity for the race increase tenfold, your admiration and attachment to any particular party or opinion fall away altogether." - John Inglesant, Vol. I., page 121.

“Thou wilt feel all, that Thou mayest pity all.” Christian Year, Tuesday before Easter.

“He came laying His hand upon our head in sickness, His fingers upon our eyes, sighing out His soul upon us, breathing His peace into us, touching, taking us by the hand as we sink, entering into our homes, lifting us up in fever, teaching, chiding, enfolding, upholding, enlarging, inviting, encouraging, drawing, calming, controlling, commanding." Rev. H. S. HOLLAND, Logic and Life, page 219.

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