Elsie's married life, by mrs. Mackenzie Daniels, 2. kötet

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295. oldal - Furniture, as well as of 100 Bedsteads, and Prices of every description of Bedding Sent Free by Post. HEAL & SON, BEDSTEAD, BEDDING-, AND BED ROOM FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS, 196, TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD, LONDON.
297. oldal - ROWLANDS' ODONTO, Or Pearl Dentifrice, Compounded of the choicest and most recherchfe ingredients of the Oriental Herbal, and of inestimable value in Preserving and Beautifying the Teeth, Strengthening the Gums, and in giving a pleasing Fragrance to the Breath. It eradicates Tartar from the Teeth, removes spots of incipient decay, and polishes and preserves the enamel, to which it imparts a PEARL-LIKE WHITENESS.
204. oldal - I am not in the habit of saying what I do not mean,
300. oldal - APPOINTMENT, TO HRH THE PRINCE OF WALES, Maker of the Great Clock for the Exhibition, 1862, and of the Chronograph Dial, by which was timed "The Derbj;
300. oldal - BENSON'S CLOCKS. Suitable for the dining and drawing rooms, library, bedroom, hall, staircase, bracket, carriage , skeleton, chime, musical, night, astronomical, regulator, shop, warehouse, office, counting house, &.C., 33 & 34, LUDGATE HILL, London.
296. oldal - Town or Country at a moment's notice. The most reasonable Prices are charged, and the wear of every Article Guaranteed. THE LONDON GENERAL MOURNING WAREHOUSE, 247 & 248, REGENT STREET, (NEXT THE CIKCUS.) JAY'S.
300. oldal - Which, having recently been increased in size by the incorporation of the two houses in the rear, is now the most extensive and richly stocked in London. In THE WATCH DEPARTMENT Will be found every description of Pocket Horological Machine, from the moat expensive instruments of precision to the working man's substantial time- keeper.

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