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131. oldal - ... the highest human morality which we are capable of conceiving " does not sanction them ; convince me of it, and I will bear my fate as I may. But when I am told that I must believe this, and at the same time call this being by the names which express and affirm the highest human morality, I say in plain terms that I will not. Whatever power such a being may have over me, there is one thing which he shall not do : he shall not compel me to worship him. I will call no being good, who is not what...
229. oldal - If, therefore, we attend to that act of our mind which we call the perception of an external object of sense, we shall find in it these three things: — First, Some conception or notion of the object perceived; Secondly, A strong and irresistible conviction and belief of its present existence; and. Thirdly, That this conviction and belief are immediate, and not the effect of reasoning.
118. oldal - But these three conceptions, the Cause, the Absolute, the Infinite, all equally indispensable, do they not imply contradiction to each other, when viewed in conjunction, as attributes of one and the same Being ? A Cause cannot, as such, be absolute : the Absolute cannot, as such, be a cause. The cause, as such, exists only in relation to its effect : the cause is a cause of the effect ; the effect is an effect of the cause. On the other hand, the conception of the Absolute implies a possible existence...
116. oldal - By the Absolute is meant that which exists in and by itself, having no necessary relation to any other Being.
226. oldal - Observing that the agreeable sensation is raised when the rose is near, and ceases when it is removed, I am led, by my nature, to conclude some quality to be in . the rose which is the cause of this sensation. This quality in the rose is the object perceived ; and that act of my mind, by which I have the conviction and belief of this quality, is what in this case I call perception.
179. oldal - The vulgar are firmly persuaded, that the very identical objects which they perceive continue to exist when they do not perceive them ; and are no less firmly persuaded, that when ten men look at the sun or the moon they all see the same individual object.
77. oldal - That the sphere of our belief is much more extensive than the sphere of our knowledge ; and, therefore, when I deny that the Infinite can by us be known, I am far from denying that by us it is, must, and ought to be believed.
80. oldal - America, but know that we are alive, that two and two make four, and that the sum of any two sides of a triangle is greater than the third side.
235. oldal - ... have been very often experienced in conjunction, and have not, in any single instance, occurred separately either in experience or in thought, there is produced between them what has been called Inseparable, or less correctly, Indissoluble Association: by which is not meant that the association must inevitably last to the end of life - that no subsequent experience or process of thought can possibly avail to dissolve it; but only that as long as no such experience or process of thought has taken...
262. oldal - ... a series of feelings, the infinitely greater part of which is past or future, can be gathered up, as it were, into a simple present conception, accompanied by a belief of reality.

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