Goldsmith's Roman History

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Paraclete Potter, for himself, and for S. Potter & Company, 1818 - 243 oldal

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243. oldal - Such was the end of this great empire, that had conquered mankind with its arms, and instructed the world with its wisdom ; that had risen by temperance, and that fell by luxury ; that had been established by a spirit of patriotism, and that sunk into ruin when the empire was become so extensive that a Roman citizen was but an empty name...
173. oldal - Not long after he assumed divine honours, and gave himself the names of such divinities as he thought most agreeable to his nature. For this purpose he caused the heads of the statues of Jupiter, and some other gods, to be struck off, and his own to be put in their places. He frequently seated himself between Castor and Pollux, and ordered that all who came to this temple to worship should pay their adorations only to himself.
102. oldal - And now, perceiving it in vain to dissemble any longer, he resolved to enter into action immediately, before the troops of the republic were increased ; and accordingly he left Rome that very night with a small retinue, to make the best of his way towards Etruria.
175. oldal - Rome, he wished that all the Roman people had but one neck, that he might dispatch them at a blow.
122. oldal - In the mean time, Pompey's murderers having cut off his head, caused it to be embalmed, the better to preserve its features, designing it for a present to Caesar.
133. oldal - All the conspirators seconded him with great earnestness ; and Cimber, seeming to sue with still greater submission, took hold of the bottom of his robe, holding him so as to prevent his rising. This was the signal agreed on. Casca, who was behind, stabbed him, though slightly, in the shoulder. Caesar instantly turned round, and, with the steel of his tablet, wounded him in the arm. However, all the conspirators were now alarmed, and enclosing...
31. oldal - These were readily accepted on their side, being neither hard nor disgraceful, except that twenty hostages were demanded ; ten young men, and as many virgins, of the best families in Rome.
34. oldal - ... they languished for a while, and perceived " when too late, that it was owing to the belly that they " had strength to work, or courage to mutiny.
102. oldal - Cicero being the chief obstacle to all their hopes, Catiline was very desirous to see him taken off before he left Rome; upon which two knights of the company undertook to kill him the next morning in his bed, in an early visit, on pretence of business...
139. oldal - ... aspect, stood before him, and continued to gaze upon him with silent severity. At last, Brutus had courage to speak to it: " Art thou a demon or a mortal man ? and why comest thou to me ?" The phantom is said to have replied, " Brutus, I am thy evil genius, thou shalt see me again at Philippi.

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