The Caxtons; a family picture

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222. oldal - Like leaves on trees the race of man is found, Now green in youth, now withering on the ground ; Another race the following spring supplies, They fall successive, and successive rise: So generations in their course decay, So flourish these, when those are past away.
47. oldal - A more lying, roundabout, puzzle-headed delusion than that by which we CONFUSE the clear instincts of truth in our accursed systems of spelling, was never concocted by the father of falsehood.
31. oldal - My father stopped at a nursery gardener's, and, after looking over the flowers, paused before a large double geranium. "Ah, this is finer than that which your mamma was so fond of. What is the cost, sir ? " "Only 7s. 6d.," said the gardener. My father buttoned up his pocket. "I can't afford it to-day," said he, gently, and we walked out.
64. oldal - I laugh at all only secure lest my suit go amiss, my ships perish, corn and cattle miscarry, trade decay, I have no wife nor children good or bad to provide for.
31. oldal - For truth, that blooms all the year round, is better than a poor geranium ; and a word that is never broken, is better than a piece of delf." My head, which had drooped before, rose again; but the rush of joy at my heart almost stifled me. " I have called to pay your little bill...
27. oldal - Mrs. Primmins popped her head out of the fatal window, nodded to the summons, and came down in a trice, pale and breathless. "
46. oldal - Master books, but do not let them master you. Bead to live, not live to read. One slave of the lamp is enough for a household; my servitude must not be a hereditary bondage." My father looked round for a suitable academy; and the fame of Dr Herman's " Philhellenic Institute
33. oldal - What !" cried my mother, when she had learned all; "and your poor domino-box that you were so fond of! We will go back to-morrow, and buy it back, if it costs us double." " Shall we buy it back, Pisistratus ? " asked my father. " Oh no — no — no ! It would spoil all," I cried, burying my face on my father's breast.
26. oldal - Dear, dear!" cried my mother, who was at work in the porch, " my poor flower-pot that I prized so much! Who could have done this? Primmins, Primmins !" Mrs Primmins popped her head out of the fatal window, nodded to the summons, and came down in a trice, pale and breathless.
26. oldal - My father was seated on the lawn before the house, his straw hat over his eyes (it was summer), and his book on his lap. Suddenly a beautiful delf blue-and-white flower-pot, which had been set on the window-sill of an upper story, fell to the ground with a crash, and the fragments spluttered up round my father's legs. Sublime in his studies as Archimedes in the siege, he continued to read; Impavidum ferient ruince I

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