Makes thee the happier. Heaven deal so still;
Thus let the griping usurer's hoard be scatter’d,
So distribution shall undo excess,
And each man have enough. Dost thou know Dover ?
Edg, Ay, master.
Glost. There is a cliff whose high and bending head
Looks dreadfully down on the roaring deep;
Bring me but to the very brink of it,
And I’ll repair the poverty thou bear'st
With something rich about me.—From that place
I shall no leading need.
Edg. Give me thy arm; poor Tom shall guide thee.
Glost. Soft' for I hear the tread of passengers.

enter keNT and cordeli A.

Cord. Ah me! your fear's too true, it was the king;
I spoke but even now with some that met him,
As mad as the vex'd sea, singing aloud,
Crown'd with rank fumiter, and furrow weeds,
With berries, burdocks, violets, daises, poppies,
And all the idle flowers that grow
In our sustaining corn: conduct me to him,
To prove my last endeavors to restore him,
And heaven so prosper thee!

Kent. I will, good lady.
Ha! Gloster here!—turn, poor dark man, and hear
A friend’s condolement, who, at sight of thine, -'
Forgets his own distress; thy old true Kent.

Glost. How ! Kent P from whence return'd?

Kent. I have not since my banishment been ab


But in disguise follow'd th’ abandon'd king:
Twas me thou saw'st with him in the late storm.

Glost. Let me embrace thee; had Î eyes, I now
Should weep for joy; but let this trickling blood
Suffice instead of tears. -

Cord. O, misery ! To whom shall I complain, or in what language? Forgive, o, wretched man, the piety That brought thee to this pass; twas I that caused it; |

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I cast me at thy feet, and beg of thee
To crush these weeping eyes to equal darkness,

If that will give thee any recompense.

Edg. Was ever season so distrest as this? (aside) Glost. I think Cordelia's voice; rise, pious princess, And take a dark man's blessing. Cord. O, my Edgar ! My virtue's now grown guilty, works the bane Of those that do befriend me: heaven forsakes me ; And, when you look that way, it is but just That you should hate me too. Edg. O, wave this cutting speech, and spare to wound A heart that’s on the rack. Glost. No longer cloud thee, Kent, in that dis

. ..., , , guise; There's business for thee, and of noblest weight;

Our injured country is at length in arms,
Urged by the king's inhuman wrongs and mine,
And only want a chief to lead them on ;
That task be thine. N
Edg. Brave britons ! then there's life in't yet !
- (aside)
Rent. Then have we one cast for our fortune still.
Come, princess, I’ll bestow you with the king,
Then on the spur to head these forces.
Farewell, good Gloster; to our conduct trust.
Glost. And be your course as prosp’rous, as tis just.

scene 111–Goneril's palace.
enter Goneril and oswald.

Gon. It was great ignorance, Gloster's eyes being out, To let him live; where he arrives, he moves All hearts against us : Edmund, I think, is gone, In pity to his misery, to despatch him.

Osw. No, madam, he's return'd on speedy summons Back to your sister.

6 on. Ah! I like not that;

Such speed must have the wings of love. Where's
Albany ?
Osw. Madam, within ; but never man so changed;
I told him of the uproar of the peasants,
He smiled at it; when I inform'd him
Of Gloster’s treason—
Gon. Trouble him no farther;
It is his coward spirit. Back to our sister,
Hasten her musters and let her know,
I have given the distaff into my husband's hands;
That done, with special care deliver these despatches
In private to young Gloster. -
enter captAIN of the guard.
Capt. O, madam, most unseasonable news :
The duke of Cornwall's dead of his late wound,
Whose loss your sister has in part supply'd,
Making brave Edmund general of her forces.
Gon. One way, I like this well;
But, being a widow, and my Gloster with her,
*T may blast the promised harvest of our love.—
A word more, sir; (to Oswald) add speed to yout

journey; And if you chance to meet with that blind traitor, Preferment falls on him that cuts him off. [exeunt

scene Iv–another part of the country. enter EDGAR, as a peasant, and Głost ER.

Glost. on shall we come to th’ top of that same
Edg. We climb it now ; mark, how we labor.
Glost. Methinks the ground is even.
Edg. Horribly steep. Hark, do you hear the sea?
Glost. No, truly.
Edg. Why, then your other senses grow imperfect
By your eyes' anguish.
Glost So may it be indeed,
Methinks, thy voice is alter'd, and thou speak’st
In better phrase and matter, than thou did'st.

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Edg. You are muchdeceived; in nothingam I alter'd, But my garments. **. Glost. Methinks, you’re better spoken. Edg. Come on, sir, here's the place. How fearful And dizzy tis, to cast one's eyes so low ! The crows and choughs, that wing the midway air, Show scarce so big as beetles; half way down Hangs one that gathers samphire; dreadful trade The fishermen, that walk upon the beach, Appear like mice; and yon tall anch'ring bark Seems lessen'd to her cock: her cock, a buoy, Almost too small for sight; the murm'ring surge Cannot be heard so high. I’ll look no more ; Lest my brain turn, and the disorder make me Tumble down headlong. Glost. Set me where you stand. Edg. You are now within a foot of th' extreme verge: For all beneath the moon I would not now Leap forward. Glost. Let go my hand. Here is another purse, in it a jewel Well worth a poor man's taking. Get thee farther, Bid me farewell, and let me hear thee going. Edg. Fare you well, sir.—That I do trifle thus With his despair, is with design to cure it. Glost. (kneels) Thus, mighty gods, this world I de renounce, And in your sight shake my afflictions off; If I could bear them no longer, and not fall To quarrel with your great opposeless wills, My snuff and feebler part of nature should Burn itself out. If Edgar live, oh, bless him Now, fellow, fare thee well. Edg. Hold—who comes here?

enter king LEAR, a coronet of flowers on his head,
wreaths and garlands about him.
Lear. No, no ; they cannot touch me for coining;
I am the king himself.
dg. Opiercing sight !
Edg po o sight

Dear. Nature's above-art in that respect There's your press money. That fellow handles his bow like a crow-keeper;-draw me a clothier's yard. A mouse, a mouse ! peace, hoa there’s my gauntlet; I'll prove it on a giant. Bring up the brown bills. Q, well flown, barb ' i' th' white, i' th' white.--Hewgh !— Give the word.

Edg. Sweet majoram.

Ilear. Pass.

Glost. I know that voice.

Lear. Ha, Goneril 1 with a white beard P they flatter'd me like a dog, and told me I had while hairs on my chin, before the black ones were there. To say ay and no to every thing that I said, ay, and no too, was no good divinity. When the rain came once to wet me, and the winds to make me chatter, when the thunder would not peace at my bidding, there I found them, there I smelt them out. Go to, they are not men of their words ; they told me I was every thing ; tis a lie; I am not ague-proof.

Glost. That voice I well remember: is't not the

king P

Lear. Ay, every inch a king : when I do stare, See, how the subject quakes! I pardon that man’s life.—What was the cause P Adultery PThou shalt not die. Die for adultery P no— The wren goes to't, and the small gilded fly Engenders in my sight. Let copulation thrive ; For Gloster's bastard son was kinder to his father, Than were my daughters, got i' th' lawful bed. To't, luxury, pell mell; for I lack soldiers. There's money for thee.

Glost. Let me kiss that hand.

JLear. Let me wipe it first; it smells of mortality.

Glost. Speak, sir, do you know me?

Lear. I remember thine eyes well enough. Nay, do thy worst, blind Cupid, I’ll not love—Read me this challenge; mark but the penning of it.

&éest. Were all the letters suns, I could not see.

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