"with thy fond wishes, which thou wilt too late
Repent, for know, our nature cannot brook
A child so young and so ungentle.
Cord. So young, my lord, and true.
Lear. Thy truth then be thy dower;
For, by the sacred sun and solemn night,
* I here disclaim all my paternal care,
4 And, from this minute, hold thee as a stranger'
JRoth to my blood and favor.
Kent. This is phrensy.
**Consider, good my liege—
Lear. Peace, Kent;
Come not between a dragon and his rage.
I loved her most, and in her tender trust
4. Design'd to have bestow'd mine age at ease.
So be my grave my peace, as here I give
* My heart from her, and with it all my wealth
My lords of Cornwall and of Albany,
I do invest you jointly with full right
# In this fair {...}. Cordelia’s forfeit dower.
Mark me, my lords, observe our last resolve :
Ourself, attended by an hundred knights,
Will make abode with you in monthly course;
'The name alone of king remain with me, -
Yours be the execution and the revenues.
This is our final will ; and, to confirm it,
This coronet part between you.
Kent (kneels) Royal Lear,
Whom I have ever honor'd as my king,
Loved as my father, as my master follow’d,
And, as my patron, thought on in my prayers—
Dear. Away. the bow is bent, make from the shaft.
Kent. (rises) No, let it fall, and drench within my
Be Kent unmannerly when Lear is mad :
Thy youngest daughter ".
Ilear. On thy life, no more.
Rent. What wilt thou do, old man?
Lear. Out of my sight.
Asent, See better first.

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published by The Lo Ngworths,
At the Dramatic Repository,
Shakspeare Gallery.

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