Living Among the Swiss

Első borító
iUniverse, 2002 - 180 oldal
This book describes the author's experiences during the past eight years of living and working among the Swiss. It examines several aspects of the Swiss banking system from the viewpoints of consumers, investors and employees. It depicts cultural differences as well as the practical difficulties confronting the new immigrant as he seeks to put down roots. It seeks to edify the vicarious traveler as well as those seriously considering relocation here. Finally, it celebrates in some detail the beauty of this relatively simple and honest land, with especial emphasis on the cantons of Berner Oberland, Graubünden and Wallis, as well as the environs of Zürich. While the observations focus on the German-Swiss, they are surprisingly applicable to the French-and Italian-speaking cantons as well.

This book falls somewhere between a travel guide and a book of reflections and memoirs, and thus is an unashamedly open and frank reaction to a foreign way of life. Michael Wells Glueck's gaze falls on many aspects of Swiss existence and it never loses its particular, unique focus. Living Among the Swiss will provide much information for the reader, who in the process will learn much about the world of Switzerland and beyond, and also be privileged to form a distinct picture of Mr. Wells Glueck himself.

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