Lectures on the True, the Beautiful, and the Good

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D. Appleton & Company, 1870 - 391 oldal

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172. oldal - ... rules, there is an abyss. True composition is nothing else than the most powerful means of expression. Expression not only furnishes the general rules of art, it also gives the principle that allows of their classification. In fact, every classification supposes a principle that serves as a common measure. Such a principle has been sought in pleasure, and the first of arts has seemed that which gives the most vivid joys. But we have proved that the object of art is not pleasure — the more or...
10. oldal - It sustains religious sentiment; it second? true art, poesy worthy of the name, and a great literature; it is the support of right ; it equally repels the craft of the demagogue and tyranny ; it teaches all men to respect and value themselves, and, little by little, it conducts human societies to the true republic, that dream of all generous souls which in our times can be realized in Europe only by constitutional monarchy.
171. oldal - So the arts have a common end, and entirely different means. Hence the general rules common to all, and particular rules for each. I have neither time nor space to enter into details on this point. I limit myself to repeating that the great law which governs all others is expression. Every work of art that does not express an idea signifies nothing; in addressing itself to such or such a sense, it must penetrate to the mind, to the soul, and bear thither a thought, a sentiment capable of touching...

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