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Contents. No. 1. A Keynote for year. 2. Outer world and Inner.

May We Believe That Godis Cur Father? 4. tutumu Philosophy. .. 5.3 tones of Stumblsug.

6. After Reflectioru.
7 unfinished Things.
8. Cught People to go

to Church?
9.The Humane førovidence.

Series of Talks About God. "76.1. Crigin and Herelofonunt of the idea of you "11. II. Cols God Exist? "12. ID. Agmaticismia. Canlle knowGyoel? 13. The tuman Christmas. 14. A New Year is took over the field. "15. 11. 2s God conscious, Personal and Good? Why

Does God Not Reveal Himself? /7. II. Shall We Worship God?


to God? "9. UL. The Glory and the shame of Atheism. *20. The Human Sien on the Immortal life. 1:21.

Longfellow's "The Chamber over the Gate." "22. Private Iferoisms. - 23. Lenten Sadness.

Creed. "25.76 timide Relicions.

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"18. VI.

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2. 26. Reconciled to men.
- 27. nore Liveth to timself.
• 28. The Beauty of Holiness.
29 Human Easter.

Price of the ruth. * 31. Moral and Rational will - Power. Its

hature and haw of Growth. .32. The Glad tidings of spring.

Pearl of Treat Price - 34. Spirituality 135. The old new Testament.

New *37. Constructive Rationalismo

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We find ourselves in the midst of a great political excitement. The parties on one side or the other, for the purpose of gaining the confidence of the people that shall place them in power, have issued their party platforms, setting forth those ngs for which they stand, and on the basis of which they claim the suffrages and support of the people. Political parties spring out of the fact that man is a being to whom government is natural and necessary. Out of another fact, based on the same common human nature, springs the existence of churches. They are equally natural with governments, with schools, with institutions of science and art : they represent a permanent want, a permanent necessity of human nature. Either directly or indirectly, by implication or in set terms, churches, equally with political parties, lay down their platforms, issue their proclamations, ring out their watchwords, telling the world what they stand for, what they mean and what they hope, if they can gain power over the hearts of men, to accomplish.

Aud what is it for which all churches claim to stand — for which they not only claim to stand, but for which, according to the light and intelligence which they possess, they actually do stand - among men? All churches exist for one purpose, they reach out after one goal. By whatever pathway they try to attain it, by whatever diversity of methods, they seek to accomplish one result. And that result, - what is it? It is the reconciliation of man with God, it is the salvation of men. Or, if you wish to drop theological terms, it is teach

• Reported by George C. Burpee.

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