Minutes of Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, 28. kötet

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Vols. 39-204 (1874/75-1916/17) have a section 3 containing "Abstracts of papers in foreign transactions and periodicals" (title varies); issued separately, 1919-37, as the institution's Engineering abstracts from the current periodical literature of engineering and applied science, published outside the United Kingdom.

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187. oldal - A TREATISE on the SCREW PROPELLER, SCREW VESSELS, and Screw Engines, as adapted for purposes of Peace and War ; with Notices of other Methods of Propulsion, Tables of the Dimensions and Performance of Screw Steamers, and detailed Specifications of Ships and Engines. By J.
176. oldal - Strength and other Properties of Metals: Reports of Experiments on the Strength and other Properties of Metals for Cannon. With a Description of the Machines for testing Metals, and of the Classification of Cannon in service. By Officers of the Ordnance Department US Army. By authority of the Secretary of War. Illustrated by 25 large steel plates. In one volume, 4to. . $10.00 SULLIVAN.— Protection to Native Industry. By Sir EDWARD SULLIVAN, Baronet, author of "Ten Chapters on Social Reforms.
191. oldal - Results of a Series of Meteorological Observations made in Obedience to Instructions from the Regents of the University, at sundry Academies in the State of New York, from 1826 to 1850 inclusive.
191. oldal - Contractor's book of working drawings of tools and machines used in constructing canals, railroads, and other works, with bills of timber and iron: also, tables and data for calculating the cost of earth and other kinds of work.
166. oldal - THE COUNCIL of The Institution of Civil Engineers have awarded the following Premiums : — 1. A Telford Medal, and a Telford Premium, in Books, to George Higgin, M.
171. oldal - Practical Essays on subjects connected with Civil Engineering, such as Geology, Mineralogy, Chemistry, Physics, Mechanic Arts, Statistics, Agriculture, &c.; together with Models, Drawings, or Descriptions of any new and useful Apparatus, or Instruments applicable to the purposes of Engineering, or Surveying.
169. oldal - Accounts of existing water-works, including the source of supply, a description of the different modes of collecting and filtering, the distribution throughout the streets of towns, and the general practical results.
199. oldal - A Treatise on Coast Defence ; based on the experience gained by Officers of the Corps of Engineers of the Army of the Confederate States, and compiled from Official Reports of Officers of the Navy of the United States, made during the North American War from 1861 to 1865, by VON...
198. oldal - APPENDIX TO DITTO.— Determination of the Positions of Feaghmain and Haverfordwest, Longitude Stations on the great European Arc of Parallel.
183. oldal - The Mechanics of Construction ; including the Theories on the Strength of Materials, Roofs, Arches, and Suspension Bridges. With numerous Examples. By Stephen Fenwick, Esq., of the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich. 8vo. 12s. A NEW FRENCH COURSE, BY MONS.

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