sailed from Sheerness on the 18th May celebrated Bossuet, and internally enriched 1819.

by numerous marginal notes in his own Captain Parry's Journal, it is said, in. hand, as verified at the Royal Library. cluding the details of the voyage, will In this valuable mass are to be found rare speedily appear.

editions of the Bible, one 1479, together Banana Tree. There is at present in with many black letter specimens ; a beauthe Botanic Garden at Glasgow, a very fine tiful MS. on the finest vellum ; Saurin, 6 Banana or plantain tree, from the West vols. on extra grand paper, with choice Indies, nearly in full blossom, and is per- impressions of the plates ; Le Jay's Polyhaps the only specimen which has ever glot, large paper, &c. &c. To these may flowered in Scotland. This noble plant be added a copy of Durandi Rationale, is 19 feet high, and the leaves are from 1473, with numerous other early editions five to six feet in length, and two in and illuminated MSS. Among the misbreadth.

cellanies are an edition of Bossuet, large German Literature. The following is a paper, of which only thirteen copies were List of the most distinguished Pocket-books struck off; two sets of Montfaucon and and Almanacks published in Germany, Supplement, together with the “ Monar1820:--Frauentaschenbuch, edited by De la chie Française," large paper ; the “ EncyMotte Fouque. Taschenbuch zum geselligen clopedie Methodique,” nearly complete Vergnügen, by Frederick Kind. Taschen a superb copy of the “ Physique Sacré," buch zum geselligen Vergnügen, by J. F. bound in morocco ; and a choice collection Gleditsch. Frauenzimmer Almanach zum of the writings of Calmet, Fleury, Mabil. Nutzen und Vergnügen, by F. Rochlitz. lon, Duchesne, Grotius, Vossius, Wolfius, Cornelia Taschenbuch für Deutsche Frauen &c. &c. And from the Italian and French Taschenbuch für Damen, published at Tu imperial presses are some unique articles, bingen, by Cotta. Taschenbuch für Liebe being presentation copies from the authors und Freundschaft, by St Schütze. Pene to Cardinal Fesch. lope, by Theodore Hell. Urania, the edi France. ---Hydranlic Ram.-M. Godin, tors of this work offer a prize of, we be- of Paris, has invented an hydraulic ram, lieve, 30 ducats, for the best poem offered of a construction so simple, that it may be to them. A poem called Saladdin, the easily worked by any village labourer. work of a very young author, obtained the This invention applies to the watering of prize this year. Minerva. Aglaja. Ver- meadows, to the draining of marshes, spots, gissmeinnicht, by Clauren. Kotzebue's and drawing water out of the earth, and Almanach dramatisicher Spiele. Alpen- raising it to considerable elevations. To rosen. Rheinisches Taschenbuch. Schwä. those who wish to construct the machine bisches Taschenbuch. Die Vorzeit. Tu on the spot, M. G. transmits instructions gend Almanach. Almanach des Dames. accompanied with engravings, and also a We forbear translating these names, be- smalt model in relievo, if desired. cause we hope the original will soon be as Antique Statucs.--A cultivator or far. well known in our country as the title of mer in the commune of Donnemarie, the last, which may be considered as the Seine and Marne, lately-found, while at parent of all the others.

work in his field, two antique statues of Cardinal Fesch's Library.-The im- bronze about sis inches in height, one remense and rare library of Cardinal Fesch presenting a Mercury entirely naked, with (uncle of the Emperor Napoleon) has the winged Pegasus on his head, and the been purchased by Messrs Sherwood of other, Fortune, in drapery, with her usizal Paternoster Row, and Mr Booker of attributes. He has also found a cock and Bond Street the latter of whom is at she goat, both of bronze, and two copper present occupied at Faris in selecting such miniature medals, one representing the portiun of the books as is best calculated to Empress Severina, wife of Aurelian, and gratify English collectors. The sale of this the other the head of the Emperor Probus. library is most severely felt by the French Suicides. Of 199 suicides, or attempts literati, who complain that the British na- at suicide, lately in Paris and its environs, tion will ultimately strip their country of within three months, 137 were of men and all that is most precious in art and litera. 62 of women. Of married persons were ture. Mr Booker's selections of varieties 102, and of those in celibacy 97 ; as to the will occupy between fifty and sixty cases, motives, they have been fixed at bad concomprising a singular and extensive assort- duct. The lottery and gaming, 28; from ment of early printed works, consisting of the fear of reproach, 6; from domestic curiosities in bibliography, and also a fine chagrines, maladies, disgust of living, 65; display of works appertaining to Germany from disappointments, &c. in love, 17; and the North, together with the choicest from wretchedness of circumstances, 47; specimens of divinity, anong which are motives unknown, 36; 146 actual suicides ; duplicates of many of the Fathers, particu. 53 attempts. larly two copies of St Augustin's works, Italy. --Education. It appears from a one bearing on its covers the arms of the report made on the 1st of Jane, by M.


Scovazzo, director, that a school, on the origin and various affinities of the languaplan of mutual instruction, has been esta- ges of Europe. It appears as a supplement blished, with every prospect of success, at to the comparative dictionary of all lanPalerino, in Sicily. It was opened for 250 guages, that was commenced under the children ; the progress has been rapid, and auspices of the Empress Catharine, a work the jury of monitors proves very useful. in which this author was a zealous coadjuSuch is the ardour for this mode of instruc. Its explications shew that many nation, that holidays have been suppressed, tions, now remotely separated, were once and there are no interruptions but the Sun. intimately allied, and they throw a great day and certain grand festival days. A light on many obscure points of ancient general enthusiasm prevails for the new history. The first volume comprises all method. There has also been a similar the languages of Europe and Asia, and school for about three months, at Messina. some of Africa. The second contains noOthers are to be opened at Trapani, Maza- tices relative to the origin of languages and ra, Agrigento, Syracuse, Termini, &c. and people, extracts from ancient historians no obstacles whatever occur to the dissemi. who have handled the same subject, and a nation of this method throughout Sicily. very curious approximation of fifteen words Even the Jesuits have adopted it in their in two hundred languages. college of Alcamo, and before the expira Hydrophobia. Dr L. Spalding, a learn tion of two years, there will not be a vil. ed physician of New York, in a pamphlet lage without a school of mutual instruc- which he has lately published, announces tion.

the circumstance of a plant, commonly Denmark. Royal Library. The royal called Scull.cap, (the Scutellariu laterilibrary of Copenhagen contains between flora of Linnæus,) as being a preventive of, 300,000 and 400,000 volumes of printed and cure for, the hydrophobia, and that it works, and a prodigious number of interest. lias been in use as such more than fifty ing MSS. At the sale of the fine library of years. It is described as having never Count Otto Thot, amounting to 116,395 failed of a sanative effect. It is recoin. volumes, exclusive of pamphlets, mapu mended as fitter for use when dried and scripts, and incunabula, the royal library reduced to powder, than when fresh. obtained an accession of 50,000 volumes; The testimouy of several American physi. and the Count, by his will, had bequeathed cians is superadded to that of Dr Spalding. to it 4154 MSS. with his valuable collec- The name of the person who first used it tion of 6159 works that had been printed is not known, but Messrs Deveer, father before the year 1530. In 1789, the Da- and son, are entitled to the praise of having nish government bought up the library of first introduced it into general practice. Luxdorf, rich in classical works and in Medicine.--In the state of New York, MSS. and it was annexed to the royal there is a Medical Society, that in general library. It afterwards received valuable presides over the faculty, and has a correacquisitions at the sale of the libraries of sponding member in every town of the state. Oeder, Holmskiold, Rottboll, Ancher, and The annual meeting is at Albany, the seat, others, in 1789, 90, 91, 93, 94, and 98. of government, where three censors are apIn 1796, an accession was made of the im- pointed for each of the four grand medical mense library of Suhm, the historian. He divisions of the union. had collected, in the course of 50 years, The College of Medicine and Surgery 100,000 volumes, which he left to the dise of the state of New York has delivered this position of the public. A little before his year 37 diplomas of doctors of physic. death, he presented them to the royal li Turkey.--For some time there has been brary; it was not so large, but was a bet- printing at Constantinople, in the patriarter selection and of higher value than that chal press, a grand dictionary of the Greek of Thot. In 1787, previous to these nu- language, ancient and modern, the first merous acquisitions, the royal library con. volume of which has already 'appeared. tained a very great number of books and It will consist of more than six large voMSS.

lumes in folio. All the Archbishops and European Languages.-M. D'Arndt has many of the Archons of the Phanal, &c. published at Frankfort a treatise on the are subcribers.



D.D. Lord Bishop of Down, Connor, and A PROSPECTUS has been circulated for Dromore, in 14 volumes octavo; to which printing an uniform edition of the whole will be prefixed a life of the Author, and Works of the Right Rev. Jeremy Taylor, a critical examination of his writings, by

the Rev. R. Heber, A. M. Canon of St Digitalem Monographiæ ; sistens his. Asaph, Rector of Hodnet, and late Fellow toriam Botanicam generis tabulis omnium of All Souls' College.

specimen hactenus cognitarum illustratum The first Part of Mr David Booth's at plurimum ad icones Ferdinandi Bauer in Analytical Dictionary of the English Lan- bibliotheca Gulielmi Cattley, A. M. cura guage is now in the press. The same gen. Johannis Lindley, F. L. S. tleman is also preparing for publication, a The General History of the House of work to be entitled, The Morality of Hu- Guelph, or Royal Family of England, man Nature, compared with that of Religi. from the first record of the name, to the ous Systems, and with the Doctrines of accession of George the First to the Modern Philosophers.

throne of Great Britain, printing under Mr Robertson, whose local knowledge the immediate patronage of his Majesty, of the country and of the transactions ren- will be ready early in Deceniber, in one der him peculiarly competent to the task, volume, 4to. has written the History of the late Revolu A small work, to be entitled the Mental tion in Mexico, including a Narrative of Calculator, a compendium of concise, but the Expedition of General Xavier Mina, general rules of easy solution on various with some Observations on the practica- useful and interesting problems in astronobility of opening a commerce between the my, forming an epitome of the elements of Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, and on the that science, to which is annexed a Guide future importance of such commerce to the to the Constellations, is preparing by Mr civilized world.

Lovekin. A new volume of Poems, hy J. Clare, the Mr J. Brown has in the press, AnecNorthamptonshire Peasant, is in the press, dotes and Characters of the House of and is expected to appear about Christmas. Brunswick, illustrative of the Courts of

Speerlily will be published in 4to, price Hanover and London, from the Act of L. 2, 2s. boards, an Account of the Dis- Settlement to the youth of George the covery of a New Continent called New Third. South Shetland, with a Description of the The Poet's Child, a Tragedy, from the Manners and Customs of its Inhabitants, pen of Miss Isabel Hill. illustrated by numerous Engravings, from Speedily will be published in Evo, the Drawings made on the spct, by Captain J. first volume of the Principles of Medicine, Rogers.

written entirely on the plan of the Baconi. A New Ecclesiastical History is propos- an Philosophy, to prove that the only raed to be published by subscription, by tional method of curing disease, is to inJohn Augustine Waller, Esq., Four parts duce by medicine an opposite or counter. to be published separately.

acting action, sufficiently powerful to exe Mr J. Bovring has in the press a vo- pel the disorder, by H. D. Hamilton, Me. lume of Translations from the Russian, dical Practitioner. with preliminary remarks on the language Early in January 1821 will be published, and poetical literature of Russia.

in 3 volumes, Such is the World, a Novel A Christian Biographical Dictionary ; Early in January will be published the containing an account of the lives and Automatical Camera Obscura: intended writings of many of the most eminent to convey to the juvenile mind the know. Christians in every nation, from the com- ledge of Scripture History. mencement of the Christian æra to the Dr Paris will shortly publish a Tabular present period, is preparing by John View of Medicinal Combination ; illustratWilks, Jun.

ing its objects and effects, one large sheet Mr Ackermann has issued proposals for coloured, so as to indicate the operation of publishing, in six monthly parts, an His- each ingredient in a Compound Formula, torical and Picturesque Tour of the Seine upon the principles established in his from Paris to the Sea, illustrated by 24 “Pharmacologia," &c. highly finished coloured engravings, from Observations showing the National and drawings made for the purpose by Messrs Domestic Evils resulting from too low Pugin and Gendall. it will be printed wages, with hints respecting the means in the same size and style as his other likely to render the working classes better illustrated works, and the first part will satisfied, more loyal, contented and happy : appear on the 1st of January 1821. to which is annexed, a copy of the act of

The same Publisher is also preparing a parliament upon this subject, passed July description of the Manners, Customs, &c. 24, 1820, and the speeches of the members of the people of Dalmatia, Illyria, and the of the House of Commons thereon. adjacent countries, in two pocket volumes, A second edition of Mr Lloyd's Transembellished with 32 coloured plates.- lation of Alfieri's Tragedies, to which will This work will form the commencement of be added, Memoirs of the Life and Writa series, intended to embrace all the na- ings of Alfieri. The Memoirs, I vol. tions of the globe, and to be denominated 12mo, with his portrait finely engraved by the World in Miniature.

Cooper, will be sold separately.

Auston Park, a Tale, one volume, 12mo, butions; by John M‘Diarmid, author of is in the press.

the Life of William Cowper, Esq. 12mo. A small volume of Poems, entitled, St Aubin, or the Infidel ; in 2 vols. What is Life, with some other effusions, 12mo. from the pen of Mr Thomas Bailey, may A History of the British Empire, from be expected to appear about the first week the Accession of Charles I. to the Restorain January

tion ; with an Introduction, tracing the Progress of Society, and of the Constitution,

from the feudal times to the opening of EDINBURGH.

the History ; and including a particular The Form of Process in the Jury Court; examination of Mr Hume's statements, reby John Russell, Esq. Clerk to the Signet, lative to the character of the English Goand one of the Clerks of the Jury Court. vernment; by George Brodie, Esq. Advo. second edition, improved.

cate ; in 3 vols. octavo. The Mountain Bard, consisting of Bal Shortly will be published, a Treatise on lads and Legendary Tales; by James the Diseases of Negroes ; by James ThomHogg Third edition, with a Life of the son, M. D. &c. Author by himself.

The Author having accumulated, from A Treatise on the Proper Silection and various quarters and his own experience, Management of Live Stock, with Cures and many important Observations, proposes to Preventives of the most Prevalent Dis- supply what is long been wanting on this orders;

ard likewise a Proper System for subject a minute and accurate description the Management of Arable and Grazing of the Disorders incident to Negroes, and Farms, particularly adapted for the High- their treatment: Written entirely for the lands of Scotland ; with Numerous Use use of the Planter, so as to enable him to ful Hints to Practical Farmers. Boards, afford relief with greater confidence and 73. 6.

success, which has been but imperfectly A New Periodical Work, entitled the executed in the various Editions of Dr Christian Recorder. No. 1. will appear on Dancer's Medical Assistant. Every thing the 16th of January. Is.

extraneous will be omitted, so as to render A Treatise on the Law of Bills of Ex. the expence moderate. The nature of change, Promissory Notes, and Letters of many Diseases will be illustrated by DisCredit in Scotland; by the late William sections of the Body, a thing hitherto Glen, Esq. A new edition, corrected, im- utterly neglected ; the vast superiority of proved, and much enlarged, with all the the Country Remedies will be proved by decided Cases bearing upon the Subject. numerous experiments; the Diseases of

The Scrap Book, containing a Collection Children, and Management of pregnant of amusing and striking pieces in Prose and Women, particularly insisted on; and, Verse, chiefly selected from the Standard finally, an attempt made to do away with and Floating Literature of the last twelve the prevalent erroneous ideas regarding the or fifteen years ; together with an intro- hereilitary constitutional Disorders of New duction and Occasional Remarks and Contri. groes,




Mr Bent's Catalogue of Books from Oct.

1818 to Oct. 1820. 2s. The History and Antiquities of the See Clarke's Bibliotheca Legum; or, comand Cathedral Church of Litchfield ; illur. plete Catalogue of the Common and Sta. trated by a series of sixteen engravings of tute Law Books of the United Kingdom. Is. Views, Elevations, Plans, and architectur W. Baynes and Son's General Catalogue al details of the architecture of that church ; of a very extensive collection of second-hand with biographical anecdotes of the Bishops books, for 1821. 3s. 6d. of Litchfield and Coventry ; by John Bril W. Baynes and Son's Catalogue of mo. ton, F. S. A, L, I, 18s. medium 4to, L. 3, dern books. 3s. imperial 4to, L. 6, 6s. royal folio.

CLASSICS. The History and Antiquities of the Pa Sophocles Opera quæ supersunt Omnia, rish of Stoke Newington, Middlesex ; con cum annotatione integra R. F. P. Brunckii taining an account of the Prebendal Ma.

et Godof. 3 vols. 8vo, L. 1, 11s. Od. nor, the Church, Charities, Schools, &c. The Iliad of Homer, translated into Eng. &c. illustrated with maps and engravings; lish prose, as literally as the different Idi. by William Robinson, 8vo.

oms of the Greek and English languages



will allow; with explanatory notes ; by a Graduate of the University of Oxford. 2 Historical Particulars relative to South. yols. 8vo, L. I, 4s. bds.

amptom ; by John Buller. 8vo. 46. EDUCATIOX.

The Naval Chronology of Great Britain, A Practical Method of Teaching the or, an Historical Account of Naval and Living Languages applied to the French, Maritime Events, from the commencement in which several defects in the old system of the war 1803 to the year 1816, &c. with are pointed out and remedied; by C. V.Q. numerous engravings i by J. Rolle. 3 Marcel. 8vo. 4s. bds.

vols. 8vo. Something New from Aunt Mary; by

HORTICULTURE. Mary Hughes, with six plates. 28. half Pomarium Britannicum ; an Historical bound.

and Botanical Account of Fruits known in Augustus ; or, the Ambitious Student; Great Britain ; with three coloured Plates being a brief attempt to illustrate some of relating to the parts of Fructification ; by the various effects of literature upon the Henry Phillips. Royal 8vo. L. 1, Is. mind when deeply studied. O$. bds.

The Elements of Scicnce and Art; by A Compendious Abstract of the Public J. Barclay. 58.

Acts passed in 60th Geo. III. and Ist Geo. The Elements of Polite Literature and . IV.; by T. W. Williams, Esq. 8s. Moral Philosophy. 58.

The Speeches of his Majesty's Attorner Religious Education, containing extracts and Solicitor-General in the House of from the Gospels of St Matthew, St Mark, Lords, Oct. 27, 1820, &c. 3s. 6d. St Luke, and St John, in four parts. ls. An Essay in a Course of Lectures on Ab3d. bound.

stracts of Tithes; by Richard Preston, Esq. A Grammatical Dictionary; containing Part VI. 12s. rules for translating English into French, Aa Abridgment of the Law of Visi with examples and explanatory notes ; by Prius; by William Selwyn, jun. Esq. ? George Picard. 6s. bound.

vols. 8vo. L. 2, 16s. The Youth's Spelling, Pronouncing, and Treatise on the Law of Partition; by C. Explanatory Theological Dictionary of the B. Allnutt. 8vo. 8s. 6d. bds. New Testament, in which the parts of speech Principles and Practice of the High are arranged, and explanations given in a Court of Chancery ; by H. Maddock. 3 clear and concise manner. 12mo. 78. vols. 8vo. L. 2, 16s.

More Minor Morals; or, an Introduc On the Law of Evidence ; by M. tion to the Winter Family. 5s.6d. Philipps. Vol. II. royal 8vo. 18s. bds. boards.

Illustrations of the Great Operations of The Italian Schools of Painting, with Surgery, Trephine, Hernia, Amputation, observations on the present state of the Aneurism, and Lithotomy ; by Charles arts ; by the Rev. J. T. James. 8vo. Bell. Part I. 151. plain, L. 1, 1s. colour.

Forty-four coloured plates, illustrative of ed impressions. the Researches and Operations of G. Belzoni Outlines of Midwifery, developing its in Egypt and Nubia. Folio, L. 6, 6s. Principles and Practice, with engravings:

Part I. of the National Sports of Great by T.J. Conquest, M. D. &c. 12mo. 7s. 6d. Britain superbly coloured; by Henry Al View of the Muscles of the Human Bokin, containing 10 plates, with descriptive dy; by G. Lewis. 4to. L. l, lls. 6d. bds. letter press. L. 2, 2s.

Medical Tracts, published by the Col. No. 1. of Costume in Persia ; drawn lege of Physicians, with coloured plates. from Nature, by A. Olowski, containing 6 Vol. VIII. 125. plates beautifully coloured. Folio, 18s. Researches in the Nature and Causes of

No. I. of Ornaments and Designs from Epilepsy, as connected with the Physiology the Antique, highly useful to architects, of animal life and muscular motion; by T. upholders, cabinet-makers, paper-stainers, G. Mansford. 78. carvers, gilders, book-binders, ladies fancy An Essay on Mercury; wherein are works, &c. to be completed in ten nume presented formulæ for sound preparations bers. 4to. 78. 6d.

of this metal, including practical remarks GEOGRAPHY.

on the safest and most effectual methods of A New and Improved Map of India, on administering them ; by David Davies, one large sheet ; compiled from the latest M. D. 28. 6d. documents, and engraved by John Walker. A History of the High Operation for the 16s. or on rollers L. 1, Is.

Stone ; by T. Carpue, F. R. Ş. 8s. Ed. Sketches representing the Native Tribes, Animals, and Scenery of Southern Africa, Memorabilia ; or Recollections, Historifrom Drawings made by the late S. Da- cal, Biographical, and Antiquarian ; by niell, engraved by W. Daniell. Royal James Savage. 8yo. 4to. L. 3, 3s. bds. or L. 4, 4s. with the The Student's Journal, arranged, printplates on India paper.

ed, and ruled, for receiving an account of




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