This work will be completed in two volumes. Part II. of Vol. I., comprising the Gospel of St. John and the Acts of the Apostles, will be paged onward from the end of this part, and will bind with it.

The Map prefixed is adapted, with slight alterations, from one in Lionnet's edition of Kiepert's Bibel-Atlas.

The reader is requested to study the Preliminary Chapter of the Introduction before proceeding to use the work itself.

Deanery, Canterbury,

May 4, 1863.



Page 225 text, line 3, transfer the reference letter to the word new

265 in reference under the text, for cometh read come

minute niceties or meanmg ana connexion, whicn aepena on the import of the constructions and the particles in a language far surpassing our own in its power of expressing the varying shades and slightest turns of thought.

3. But it is believed that there are far more cases, where there is no reason why these results should not be imparted to him. And the more we value the inspired word of God, the more anxious ought we to be, that all should possess every help to ensure the purity of its text, and to clear up its true meaning.

4. In the present state of the English reader's knowledge of his Bible, there are two great obstacles to the attainment of these ends. The one consists in his ignorance of the variations of reading in the ancient authorities from which the sacred text is derived: the other in his ignorance of the existence of other and often indisputably better renderings of the sacred text than that which the version before him gives. Our Authorized Version is, as a translation, of high excellence, and is never to be thought of by Englishmen without reverence, and gratitude to Almighty God. But it is derived very often from readings of the Greek which are not based on the authority of our best ancient witnesses; and it frequently gives an inadequate rendering of the text which it professes to translate. 5. The principal instances of both these imperfections it is the object

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