liberty to make or adopt any alterati. at Wisheach, on Wednesday and ons whatever, which they considered as Thursday the 9rd and 4th of June.. of themselves improvements, or which Mr Madge and Mr. Aspland are appeared necessary hy a due regard iovited and expected to preach on the to the object and ends of religious occasion, worship. They have been particularly desirous to increase the number of The Anniversary of the Western suitable hymns, peculiarly referring Unitarian Book Society will be kept to Cliristian privileges and requisi. at Bridport, on Weduesday, the 17th tions; and while they have coustavily

hly of June': The Sermon to be preached kept io view the rand truth that the by Mr. Aspland. Father is the only true God, and the only proper object of worship, they

Mr. Aspland has in the press a Sere have studiously endeavoured to avoid all expressions directly implying opi- !

directly implvironi mon preached on Wednesday the sth nious which are commonly controvert

inst. at the Old Jewry Meeting.house ed ainong those who are united luy

in Jewin Street, on behalf of The their adberence to this fundamental

Widows' Fund, for the Relief of the principle. It has been their object to

necessitous Widows and Children of enable the Christian worshipper to

Protestant Dissenting Ministers :sing with the understanding; but

The Subject, The Beneficial Influence of ther trust it will not be found that in Christianity on the Condition and Characdoing this, they have sacrificed any

ter of the Female Set.

. thing really calculated to excite and cberish the warmest and noblest affec.,

The Annual Meeting of the Subscri. tions of the heart.--The collection is bers and Friends to the Unitarian printed in dery 12mo, on a good paper

Fund will be held as usual on Whit and distinct type. Farther particulars

Wednesday, which falls this year on may be known, by applying to the

May the Twentieth, at the Chapel in Rev. J. Manning, or Rev. Dr. Car

Parliameot Court, Artillery Lane, penter, Exeter. . .

Bishopsgate Street, The Sirmon on behalf of the Fund will be preached

by the Rev. W. Severn, of Hull; or ia Agreeably to a proviso of the last

est case of failure, by the Rev. Edmund annual meeting of the Welch Theo. Butai

eo. Butcher, of Sidinouth. Divine service Unitarian Society, held at Neath, the to begin at ul o'Clock. . vext annual meeting is appointed to eting is appointed to


Asier Service, the Society will be held at Aberdâr, near Merthyr. De

proceed to business. (See Advertisement Tydvil, on Thursday, the 25th of Jnne on the last page of the Wrapper.) , 1812-and not at Landilo as was unee intended.

A General Meeting of the Subscri.

bers and Friends to the projected Mr. Kentish has just published a UNITARIAN ACADEMY will be held Second Edition of his Sermon before on Thursday, May 21st.. (See also the Western Unitarian Society, last Advertisement on the last page of the year, on the Connection between the Wrapper.) Simplicity of the Gospel and the leading Principles of Protestantism. The Annual Assembly of GENERAL

BAPTISTS will be held in Worship The Annual Association of Unita. Street, on Whit Tuesday, May 19th. rian Ministers in Lincolushire, Cam. Divine Service to begin at ii o'Clock, bridgesbire and Norfolk, will be bolden

For Correspondence, see the Fourth Page of the Wrapper.

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Letters of Mr. Bartholomew was soon enough to be numbered Hoare.

amongst Mr. Towgood's auditors ; (Concluded from p. 218.)

whose discourse was drawn up in

terns and delivered in a manner LETTER III.

quite suitable to the occasion : as To the Rev. Samuel Slater, Mi.

lle he set this transaction in a just and nister of the Dissenting Cone rational light by asserting the right gregation at Colyton, in Devon. of ordin

of ordination io be primarily in DEAR SIR,

eacli respective congregation, disAs the late signal mercy I have claiming all pretences of conferring received, has in all probability any latent gift or qualification ; set our next interview at a inuch and that no more was intended by greater distance than I had other. that rite, than the recommending wise intended; so I hope this con- the persons ordained to Almighty sideration may free my present God for his especial blessing and addressing you from the imputa. assistance, and to their focks as tion of impertinence, which other. persons duly qualified to be paswise it might justly be deemed, tors in the Christian church. unless your peculiar candour Which also I think Mr. Amory should prevail on you to give it very seasonably premised, when a more favourable turn,

about to enter on the interrogatory As I had never been present at part of this exercise ; the giving an ordination, so from the first you my sentiments on which was notice I determined to give my at the chief design of this epistle. tendance on the 28th ult. at Sid. And here as I think Mr. Kiddel's mouth : but from some unfore. answers relating to the Reforma. seen disappointment relating to tion, his motives as to entering into the horse I had hired, I unbappily the ministry, and his resolutions of failed of what I prefer to any demeaning himself agreeable to other consideration of that nature, that character to be very satisfać. your company on the way thither: tory; so I must contess wben he wbich likewise rendered my arrival came to the controverted articles much too late for the whole so. of Christianity, he did not answer lemnity. However, I happily my expectation. For as the word TOL, VII:


God (though its real import be old ; (which I wish there was not no more than a great king, yet) too much reason to resume in our in our common language is always days) 66 That his brethren and understood to respect the Supreme countrymen were not valiant for Being, who in scripture by way the truth,” which as it is the of eminence is styled “the blessed most valuable thing in the world, and only Potentate," and " the so, I think, all, but especially min God of our Lord Jesus Christ;" nisters, ought tenaciously to adand though St. Paul indeed de. here thereto; though it should clares Christ to be “over all God have the misfortune to lie under blessed for ever:" yet it is evident the most discouraging circum. that to reconcile this expression to stances. But I cannot be perthe general current of the New suaded, that to act the part of a Testament, it ought to be taken in reconciler is quite consistent therea qualified sense as spoken of him, with. However I cannot disco. whom that primitive writer Justin ver any material objection, which Martyr calls God by the will of the most bigoted Tritheist could the Father: and whom as the have advanced against Mr. Kiddel's sacred writings abundantly testify, whole declaration. God the Father as the reward of As it seems to be of very little his obedience has invested with all moment with respect to another the authority, power and dominion life, in what sphere we are to pass which He possesses.

over the present; so I have always As to the Holy Spirit, as neither concluded that to fill up that staa throne, nor kingdom, nor church tion well, which the divine Provi. nor people, are any where assigned dence has assigned us, will entitle him in scripture; nor to the best us to as resplendent a crown and of my remembrance a single peti- place us as near the throne of God tion either immediately or by con, and the Lamb in the present state, sequence addressed to him, I can't as if we had filled an archiespis. conceive how the same with a copal throne and worn a mitre very little variation may be de. here below; since we are all by clared of him as of the other two virtue of our covenant relation said persons: much less how an Unita. to be 6 a royal priesthood” and rian could with the least propriety made kings and priests unto sum up his confession with that God by his Son;" which inclines glaring interpolation of 1 John v.7. me to look on a great part of Mr. which the most eminent confessor® Moore's performance as an exubeof the present century, of which rance of affection, to--, for which the three kingdoms can boast, due allowances ought to be made. (now with God) has beyond all I can assure you, Sir, I should peradventure proved to be spurious, not have so freely animadverted both in his tracts against Martyn on this solemnity, but to that and also in his Address to the friend, who is as my own soul, Convocation.

But waving all apology, I am, &c. It was the subject of an affec. tionate prophet's lamentation of


To the Brother of the Writer. * Rev. Ms. Emlyn, of Dublin. . -What greatly enhances my

grief on your account is, what in- children in a way of passing deed you pretty well know before, through life with comfort, decenthat it is out of my power either cy and usefulness, and of contrito extricate you out of this wretch, buting towards the support of tbat ed situation, or to assist you in it: religious society, with whom we for you well know that my busi. statedly join in the worship of Al. ness which consists chiefly of keep- mighty God. But this is a situa. ing a small shop here in the coun. tion, in which, perhaps, an Alltry is what (especially of late) wise and Gracious Being does not brings a mere trifling advantage see proper to place me; and I with it. For the present exorbi. hope I shall still make it my en.. tant price of the necessaries of life deavour, as I bave hitherto, to puts it out of the power of the acquiesce in the following petition common class of mankind to apply of Mr. Pope's Universal Prayer: any part of their earnings to the

" This day be bread and peace my purchase of clothing; and as to

lot ; the debts, which they contracted All else beneath the sun, before the advance, I can discover Thou know'st if best bestow'd, or no distant hope of their being in not, any condition to discharge them.

And let thy will be done." This circumstance renders my pre- As to the inquiry which you sent situation very embarrassing make in relation to our family, I on account of my traders. You shall endeavour to satisfy you as well know my foundation at enter. far as it lies in my power ; but it ing into a little trade was very cannot be expected to be either so slender, and an increasing family, correct or particular as could be tender constitution, together with wished : because our grandfather a variety of unavoidable afflictive was removed from this world be. incidents, have conspired to pre. fore our father had reached eight. vent an amendment in my circum. een months of his life : so that he stances : indeed my utmost am. was deprived of all that his immebition as to trade is to be able to diate predecessor could have in. make short payments for my goods, formed him, in his, growing up, becalise such as can do so, are at concerning the family. However Liberty to deal when and with there was a brother, who was a whom they shall thiok proper and Nonconformist minister at Beminnot undergo the mortification of ster, where he continued to the looking on and seeing themselves day of his death, (which happened imposed on without remonstrating. more than thirty years since) great. This is certain, that no man does ly esteemed for his piety and learn. well in trade of any kind, unless ing by all his acquaintance; and he has the command of it. This my father, observing my uncom. therefore has still been the summit mon inclination to books, (even of all my wishes : because could from my childhood) has several I have attained this, it would have times took me with him, for two enabled me to assist my dear rela- or three days together, when a tives in their necessity and the in- lad, to visit this uncle. My father digent, fatherless and widows in entertained some hope, as the old their affiliction, to have set my gentleman was childless, that when

apprised of my genius, he would the parliament; in whose army have taken and brought me up a two brothers of the family hore student ; (for he had several young commissions; and after the king's gentleman at a time in his house, death were in the administration to whom he taught the classics during the interregnuin; all which and prepared them for higher se, time I particularly remember he minaries of learning,) but his wife said one of them resided in was a perfect Xantippe, and dic- London and kept a coach and lated to him in ail his undertakings, splendid equipage (which in those which prevented his complying days was, I inagine, something with my father's proposal, when extraordinary,) till the Restoration he moved him about it: for he an- put an end to that form of govern. swered that he hoped a secular call, ment. Their brother from wbom ing would turn out as much for we are descended at the same time my advantage upon the whole, possessed an estate of 4001. per an. and that he could not grant him here at Comb-pyne; who married his desire consistent with his three wives successively, and had peace. But this I doubt, you several children by each wife. By will think a needless digression, the first wife in particular, he had This uncle, I well remember, but one son, (whose name I bear) I have several times heard give my and one daughter ; to him at his father a detail of the family; for death he left 3001. per annum of he (as I have been since told) his estate : he, I have been told, was a great antiquarian : but always appeared like a gentleman youth is too inattentive to subjects and particularly wore a sword, of this nature. What I retain of when he was dressed (which by his discourses on that head'is his the way I suppose was as distinasserting--that our's was hereto- guishing then, as a commission of fore a very considerable family -- the land tax is now.) This young that one of our ancestors bad the gentleman dying a balchelor by a honour of knighthood conferred fall from his horse, and leaving upon him—that in those intestine a testamentary disposal of all his troubles betwixt Henry VI. and estates real and personal to his Edward the IV. when most of the only sister, and she intermarrying considerable families in England with one Broughton in this neighengaged on one side or the other, bourhood, had by that marriage a several of this family took com- daughter; who intermarrying with missions under Henry VI. whose the predecessors of the Oke family cause failing and being by some of Pinhay (which family you means or other, rendered obnoxi. know) carried thither the family vus to the victors, our ancestors estates, who possess them to this removed from one of the midland day. The elder brother by the counties, (if I remember right, it second wife was our great grand. was Huntingdonshire,) and retired father; who had also an estate left and settled ai Comb-pyne, in this him by his father: and our grand. neighbourhood. I cannot recol. father had possessed it after his lect any thing said by hiin parti- mother had he survived her, it cularly relating to them, till the being I imagine what is called co. contests betwixt Charles I. and pyhold; but when the Duke of

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