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THE ROYAL SHAKSPERE. With numerous Full-Page Illustrations

on Steel and Wood, from Original Designs by F. DICKSEE, F. Barnard, A. Hopkins, J. D. WATSON, V. W. BROMLEY, C. GREEN, J. M'L. RALSTON, &c. &c.

Vol. 1 now really, price 158. "THE ROYAL SIIAKSPERE is a new illustrated Shakspere, which aims at being one of the completest editions before the public. The principal feature in this first volume is Mr. Furnivall's Introduction, which' fills 144 pages, and has been in part revised for the present edition. The pains and research to which it bears evidence are amazing. The illuslations, which are numerous and good, are lty Frank Dicksee, A.R.A., Woolmer, J. D. Watson, C. Green, Richter, and others,"— Times.

Cassell, Petter, Ga'pin & Co., Ludgate Hill, London; and all Booksellers.

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PEOPLE'S EDITION. MONTHLY, price 6d. (complete in 10 PARTS). THE LEOPOLD SHAKSPERE. (Dedicated by permission to

II.R.H. PRINCE LEOPOLD, DURE OF ALRANY.) The Poet's Works, in Chronological Order, from the Text of Professor Delius, with “ Edward the Third” and “ The Two Noble Kinsmen,” and an Introduction by F. J. FURNIVALL. With about 400 Illustrations. Also published complete in One Volume 1,184 pages, small 4to, cloth, 68.; cloth gilt, 18. 6d.;

half morocco, 10s, 6d. "The handsomest one volume edition of the poet's works yet published.”Daily News.

Tassell, Petter, Galpin & Co., Ludgate Hill, London; and all Booksellers. CASSELL'S SHAKESPEARE. Edited by CHARLES and MARY

COWDEN CLARKE, and containing about 600 Illustrations by H. C. SELOUS. Printed in new large type, on royal 4to paper. Complete in Three Volumes, cloth 'gilt, £3 38.; morocco, £6 6s. The work is also published in Three separate Volumes, in cloth, each complete in

itself, viz.:~The Comedies, 218.; the Historical Plays, 18s. 60.; the Tragedies, 258. “A handsome and trustworthy copy of Shakespeare. Splendidly printed on royal quarto paper."-- Daily Telegraph. N.B.-CASSELL'S ILLUSTRATED SHAKSPERE (Royal 8vo Edition), with 500 Illustrations,

Three Vols., in Library Binding, price £* 28.
Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Co., Laugate Hill, London; and all Booksellers.


Cassell's French Dictionary

35. 6d,


29. 64.

Published by CASSELL, PETTER, GALPIN & CO. 146th Thousand. Entire'y New and Enlarged Edition. Strongly bound in cloth, price 38. 6d.

Shakspere's Plays, abridged for the Use of Schools and Public Readings. By H. COURTHOPE BOWEN, M.A. 38. 6d.

. With (French-English and English-French).

Sixteen Original Illustrations. Exta fcap. 4to. Fifth Eurition. Revised, Corrected, and considerably Enlarged from the Seventh Boards, 3s. 6d.; cloth gilt, ős. and Latest Edition (1877) of the Dictionary of the French Academy by Prof. E. ROLBALT, 1. A. Paris. Extra crown 8vo, 1,150 PP.

of the New Testament Commentary for English Readers (edited German: English and English German Pronouncing by the LORD BISHOP OF GLOUCESTER AND BRISTOL), in Small Volumes, (


, suitable for Educational purposes. 864 pages, cloth, 38, 60.

Vol. I.--St. Matthew. 38. Od.

Vol. VIII.-Calatians, Ephesians, and L atin-English and English-Latin Dictionary. (Cas. Vol 11.-St. Mark. 39.

Philippians. 35 sell's). 43rd Thousant, Crown &vo, 800 pages, cloth, 3s, 6d.

Vol. 111.St. Luke, 3$. 6cl.

Vol. IX.-Lussians, Thessalonians, and Vol. IV.-St. Johns

Enlarged and Marlborough French Grammar The

Timothy. $:

Vul. V.-The Acts of the Apostles. Vol. X.-Titus Philemon Hebrews. Revised. Arranged and Compiled by the Rev. J. F. BRIGHT,

James. 35. MA. 15th Edition,

Vol. VI -Romans.

Vol. XI. -- Peter, Jude, and John. 35.

By the Rev. VOL VII-Corinthians I and II. 35. Mariborough French Exercises (The),

VOL. XII.-The Rui elations G. W. De LISLE, M A., French Master in Marlborough College.


usic (An Elementary Manual of). By HENRY LESLIE. Vinth Edition, Enlarged and Reviseit. 3s. Gl.

Seventh Edition. 18.
Arranged by the Rev. J. F. BIGHT, M.A., Master of the Modern

The Elements, of Arithmetic, By Prof. WALLACE, M.A.

18. School in Marlborough College Third Edition, Raised. 3s, Gu French (Cassell's Lussons in). Entirely New and Revised Little Folks History of England. Illustrated. Eighth Corrected according to the Seventh Edition (1877) of

Cheap Edition

. the Dictionary of the French Academy, and considerably Enlarged by

Now ready. Prof. E. ROLBALD, B.A, Paris. 107th Thousand, Parts 1, and 11., Cassell's Historical Readers.cloth, cach 98. Oil: complete, 4s, Od.; Key, Is, 6d. Cassell's Euclid. Bby Prof. WALLACE, M.A. 122nd Thousand.

Specially prepared to meet the requirements of the Code Price .

of 1882. Illustrated throughout. The Elements of Algebra. By Pruf. Wallace, M.A. 15th

"All the leading facts of our history are narrated with transparent Complete in 18 Books, Pd. each.

simplicity, calm imparuiality, and substantial accuracy. The illustra

tions are generally of real value. Printing, paper, and binding are all Cassell's Graduated Copy-Books. Printed from Copper-plate Cpies, on superior paper, carefully prepared for writing purposes,

good, and the price is moderate."- Athena um. and containing everything required for the formation of good handwriting.

1. Stories for Children from English History.-For

Standard III. 100, Spelling (A. Complete Manual of, on the Principles of

Contrast and Comparison. By J. D. MORELL, LL.D., H.M. 2. The Simple Outline of English History.- For Inspector of Schools in thousand.

Standard Il'. 18. Eolish ). the 3. The History of England for Elementary Schools.

Li wako TARIN,, Head Master of lppingham School. 38, 6d. Flower Painting in Water Colours. With Twenty Fac

For Standards V., V'T., I'II. 28. simile Coloured Pates by F. E. HOLME, F.L.S., E.S.A. 58. The Modern School Readers, and Figure Painting in Water Colours. With Sixteen Coloured Plates from

The Modern Geographical Readers. Sepia Painting (A Course of). With Plates by R. P. LEITCH.

Specimen Fases of the above READERS, together with a copy of #1517 in Neutral Tint (A Course of). With Plates by CASSELL, PETTER. GALPIN & Co. $ Surin liitrion, 5s,

EDUCATIONAL CATALOGUE, including descriptions **irley's English Literature (A First of Works on French, German, Latin, Tlistory, Grammar, (woProf. HENRY MOKLEY. Ninth Edition, 912 pp., graphy, Spelling, Keading, writing, Drawing, Euclid, Algebra,

Dictionaries, Technical Manuals, &C., sent post free on application. CASSELL, PETTER, GALPIN & co., LUDGATE HILL, LONDON.




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