The Lamplighter

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J.P. Jewett, 1854 - 523 oldal
The story of Gertrude Flint, an abandoned and mistreated orphan rescued at the age of eight by Trueman Flint, a lamplighter, from her abusive guardian, Nan Grant. Gerty is lovingly raised and taught virtues and religious faith, forming her to become a moral woman. In adulthood, she is rewarded for her many tribulations by marriage to a childhood friend.

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Review: The Lamplighter

Felhasználói ismertető  - Chris - Goodreads

Not bad, though slow at parts. I have the Lamplighter Publishing copy which I understand has been edited somewhat. The overall story is great but the characters lack some of the depth you'd expect ... Teljes értékelés elolvasása

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523. oldal - The sun shall be no more thy light by day; neither for brightness shall the moon give light unto thee : but the Lord shall be unto thee an everlasting light, and thy God thy glory.
14. oldal - It may seem strange that Gerty had leisure to spend all her time at play. Most children living among the poorer class of people learn to be useful even while they are very young. Numbers of little creatures, only a few years old, may be seen in our streets, about the yards and doors of houses, bending under the weight of a large bundle of sticks, a basket of shavings, or, more frequently yet, a stout baby, nearly all the care of which devolves upon them. We have often pitied such little drudges,...
13. oldal - So she would play with her kitten for hours among the boards, talk to it, and tell it how much she loved it. But, when the days were very cold, she was often puzzled to know how to keep herself warm out of doors, and the risk of bringing the kitten into the house was great. She would then hide it in her bosom, and run with it into the little garret-room where she slept; and, taking care to keep the door shut, usually eluded Nan's eyes and ears.
6. oldal - ... exclaimed a harsh voice within, "have you been for the milk?" The child made no answer, but, gliding off the door-step, ran quickly round the corner of the house, and hid a little out of sight. "What's become of that child?
11. oldal - Now, however, she made the best of her way to her little hidingplace; and, to her joy, the sunshine had reached the spot before her, dried up the boards, so that they felt warm to her bare feet, and was still shining so bright and pleasant, that Gerty forgot Nan Grant, forgot how cold she had been, and how much she dreaded the long winter. Her thoughts rambled about some time; but, at last, settled down upon the kind look and voice of the old lamplighter; and then, for the first time since the promise...
17. oldal - ... grieved, she always cried aloud, — not sobbing, as many children do, but uttering a succession of piercing shrieks, until she sometimes quite exhausted her strength. When she found herself in the street, she commenced screaming ; — not from fear at being turned away from her only home, and left all alone at nightfall to wander about the city, and perhaps freeze before morning (for it was very cold), — she did not think of herself for a moment. Horror and grief at the dreadful fate of the...
20. oldal - He made tea ; then, mixing a great mug full for Gerty, with plenty of sugar, and all his cent's worth of milk, he produced from a little cupboard a loaf of bread, cut her a huge slice, and pressed her to eat and drink as much as she could ; for he judged well when he concluded, from her looks, that she had not always been well fed ; and so much satisfaction did he feel in her evident enjoyment of the best meal she had ever had, that he forgot to partake of it himself, but sat watching her with a...
17. oldal - ... opposite. Suddenly she found herself lifted up and placed on one of the rounds of Trueman Flint's ladder, which still leaned against the lamp-post. True held her firmly, just high enough on the ladder to bring her face opposite his, recognized her as his old acquaintance, and asked her, in the same kind way he had used on the former occasion, what was the matter. But Gerty could only gasp and say, "O, my kitten! my kitten!
21. oldal - ... his strength so much enfeebled that he was only fit for some comparatively light employment. It was then that his kind friend and former master obtained for him the situation he now held as lamplighter; in addition to which, he frequently earned considerable sums by sawing wood, shovelling snow, &c.
38. oldal - True's atonishment on his return from his work; and the pleasure he manifested made the day a memorable one in Gerty's life, one to be marked in her memory as long as she lived, as being the first in which she had known that happiness — perhaps the highest earth affords — of feeling that she had been instrumental in giving joy to another.

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