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the world; for there is a sweetness in good verse which tickles even while it hurts; and no man can be heartily angry with him who pleases him against his will.-DRYDEN.

PREFACE.-Motives Avowed in a

Concerning the motives which engaged me in the following attempt, it is not necessary that I say much; the nature of my academical situation, a great deal of leisure since my retirement from it, the recommendation of an honoured and excellent friend, the not perceiving in what

way I cculd employ my time or talents better, were the considerations that direcied my thoughts to this design. Nor have I repented of the undertaking. Whatever be the fate or reception of this work, it owes its author nothing. In sickness and in health I have found in it that which can alone alleviate the one, or give enjoyment to the other -occupation and engagement. ADN. PALEY.


In this goodly octavo will be found--beautiful emblems-striking contrasts—choice anecdotes-eloquent sayings-important definitions-philosophical truths-experimental facts-interesting histories-graphic sketches —theological verities—holy aspirations-in brief, a résumé of the finest and most valuable passages in English and Classic Literature, about equalling in number any compilation of the kind yet attempted; while the range of authorship is wider, embracing, as it does, philosophers and divines, poets and historians, sceptics and believers, the living and the dead. And yet, with all this multiformity of genius, derived from separate ages, different hemispheres, and every class of thinkers, there is a wondrous harmony in conviction and statement, demonstrating that Truth is one at all times, in all lands, and under all circumstances. Furthermore : while there are upwards of seven thousand quotations, from upwards of one thousand three hundred sources, there is not, we believe, one pretty conceit, or sentimental fancy, in the whole. In the words of the Bard of the Night :

“Nothing but what is solid and refined

Should dare ask public audience of mankind.” Every page glistens with gems, but they are of the purest water, and therefore can hardly fail to attract and benefit their possessor.—DR. DAVIES.


Solomon bids us buy the truth, but does not tell us what it must cost, because we must get it though it be never so dear. Every parcel of truth is precious, as the filings of gold. We must either live with it, or die for it. As Ruth said to Naomi, so must gracious spirits say to Truth

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“Where thou goest I will go, and where thou lodgest I will lodge, and nothing but death shall part thee and me.” Truth is our heritage : it is a legacy that our forefathers have bought with their blood, which should make us willing to lay down anything, and to lay out everything, that we may, with the wise merchant in the Gospel, purchase this precious pearl, which is more worth than heaven and earth, and which will make a man live happily, die comfortably, and reign eternally.-T. BROOKS.

PREFACE.--Sympathy Expressed in a

You have given way beneath the burden of the days. Come, then, let us press very closely each to the other : it does good to weep together. Will you allow me an illustration ? It alone can describe what I am ; it alone can express what I desire. The desert stretches out implacably around; the day has that fierce character that arises from an earth and sky on fire : a caravan approaches, the sand that it disturbs rises, wraps it about, and falls back upon its track, effacing it; the camels drag on heavily; the men sit bent in two,--they say nothing, look at nothing ; they let themselves be carried on, that is all. Meanwhile a figure that had kept in the shade beneath a great rock has risen ; as the caravan passes, this figure stretches out its hand, and offers a vase full of water; the cup is poor indeed, but for all that the men steep their lips therein, and when the caravan has resumed its march their heads are lifted.GASPARIN.

PREFACE.-The Termination of a

The author does not presume to have swept away all obscurities from the sky of truth ; but possibly a few rays of light may have been cast upon the dark clouds. For instances of failure he would crave forbearance ; for success, he would give the glory where alone it is due.-BRIDGES.





Writers of an abler sort,
Whose wit well managed, and whose classic style,
Give Truth a lustre, and make Wisdom smile.-- COWPER.


AKENSIDE, DR. A physician and poet. His principal poem

“The Pleasures of the Imagi. nation,” on its first appearance,

met Wit immense success. Born 1721 ; died 1770. ALBERT, PRINCE. Surnamed “Albert the

Good." 'Born 1819; died 1861, to the profound

and universal sorrow of the English nation. ALCOTT, DR. An American reformer and

popular educational writer : among his best works is “The House I Live In."

Born 1798. ALDINI, GIOVANNI. A distinguished natural

philosopher. Born 1762 ; died 1834. ALENCON, DUCHÉSS OF. An illustrious

French authoress. ALEXANDER, ANTON ALEXANDER, REV. DR. An eminent Ameri

can divine and Oriental scholar : author of “A Coinmentary on Isaiah," etc. Born 1809; died

1859. ALEXANDER, REV. DR. W. L. A Scottish

ABBOT, ARCHBISHOP. One of the eight

divines who, by command of James I., made the

translation of the Bible. Born 1562 ; died 1663. ABBOT, REV. JACOB. A popular American

theologian : author of “The Young Christian,"

etc. Born 1803.
ABD-UL-AZIZ. The Sultan of Turkey
ABDY, MRS. A writer of agreeable Verses and

Tales. Born 1818; died 1867.
ABERCROMBIE, DR. A distinguished Scottish

physician and philosopher : author of “ Inquiries
concerning the Intellectual Powers of Man," etc.
Born 1781 ; died 1844.
ABERNETHY, DR. An eminent English sur-

geon and physiologist. In 1809, he published an able volume, entitled “The Constitutional Origin and Treatment of Local Diseases," which made a considerable change in the science of

surgery. Born 1764 ; died 1831. ADAMS, JOHN Q. A celebrated American states

man and orator. Born 1767 ; died 1848. ADAMS, REV. DR. An American divine. His

principal work is “The Friends of Christ in the

New Testament. Born 1806.
ADAMS, REV. THOMAS. Styled “the Shak-

speare of the Puritans.” Died 1670.
ADDISON, JOSEPH. The immortal essayist ;

editor of "The Spectator," etc. Born 1672 ; died

1719 ADLER, REV. DR. A Jewish rabbi: author of

"A Course of Sermons. AESCHYLUS. Said to be the first of the three

great tragic poets of Greece." Born 525 B.C. ;

died 456 B.C. ÆSOP. The world-renowned Greek fabulist and

accomplished courtier. Born about 619 B.C. ; destroyed by the citizens of Delphi 564 B.C. ΕΤΝΑ. . AFRICANUS, SEXTUS J. A famous Christian

writer of the third century, principally known by his "History of the World." Supposed to have AJKIN, DR. An English physician and miscellaneous writer : author of that favourite work --"Evenings at Home," etc. Born 1747 ; died 1822.

theologian : author of “The Connection and
Harmony of the Old and New Testaments," etc.

Born 1808.

known writer on the fifty-first Psalm. Died 1872. ALFIERI, VITTORIO. A very celebrated Italian poet.

Philippo II.," and “Saul," are considered his master-pieces. Born 1749; died 1803. ALFORD, REV. DEAN. Author of "The

Greek Testament," etc. Born 1810; died 1873.
ALFRED, KING. Surnamed "the Great."

Born 849; died 901.
ALISON, SIR ARCHIBALD. A distinguished

Scottish historian and lawyer. His most in
portant work is “The History of Europe.".
Born 1792 ; died 1867.
ALLEYN, EDWARÓ. A celebrated English

actor, and the founder of Dulwich College.

Born 1556; died 1626.

author of “Day and Night Songs." Born 1828. ALLSTON, WASHINGTON. An eminent

American painter : author of Hints to Young

Practitioners." Born 1779 : died 1843.
ALVA, DUKE OF. A brave Spanish general
who, it is said. was never defeated in battle
Born 1508: died 1582,

died 232.

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ATHERSTONE, EDWIN. An English poet of

considerable reputation : author of "The Fall of

Nineveh," etc. Born 1788. ATTERBURY, BISHOP. A divine of singular

ability—“the glory of our English orators."

Born 1662 ; died, an exile in Paris, 1732. ATTWELL,

HENRY. Author of "Golden Thoughts." AUGUSTINE, ST. One of the chief Fathers of

the Latin Church; author of The City of

God," etc. Born 354 ; died 430. AUSTEN, JANE. A distinguished novelist,

considered almost unrivalled in fidelity to

Nature. Born 1775 ; died 1817. AYTON, SIR ROBERT. A Scottish poet of

eminence. Born 1570: died 1638. AZAI, RABBI BEN


AMBROSE, ST. Bishop of Milan, and author

of several Latin works which were highly

esteemed. Born 340 ; died 397. AMES, FISHER. A noted American statesman

and orator : author of “Laocoon," and other

essays. Born 1758; died 1808. ANDERSON, REV. WILLIAM. Author of

“ Self-Made Men," etc. ANNIBALE. An Italian musician, surnamed “Padovano."

Died 1655 ANSELM, ST. Archbishop of Canterbury, and

a famous scholastic metaphysician. His greatest work is "Concordia Praedestinationis necnon Gratiæ Die cum Libero Arbitrio." Born 1034 ;

died 1109 ANTOM MARCHI, DR. An Italian anatomist :

physician to Napoleon I. at St. Helena, and author of "The Last Moments of Napoleon,"

etc. Died 1838. ANTONINUS. Commonly called Marcus Aure

lius, and sometimes designated “the Philosopher," because of his great wisdom, learning, and virtue : author of Meditations," etc. Born 121; died 180. ANTONY OF BOURBON. Duke of Vendôme

and King of Navarre. Born 1518; died 1562. AQUINAS, ST. THOMAS. A most eminent

scholastic philosopher, surnamed “the Angelic

Doctor." Born 1227; died 1274: ARBUTHNOT, DR. A British physician, author,

and satirist. Born 1675; died 1735. ARCESILAUS. A Greek philosopher, founder

of the New Academy. Born 316 B.C. ; died

241 B.C. ARGYLL, DUKE OF. Distinguished as a parlia

mentary debater and popular lecturer : author of

"The Reign of Law,” etc. Born 1823 ARIOSTO. A celebrated Italian poet; Hallam

denominates him “the favourite poet of Europe."

Born 1474 : dicd 1533. ARISTOPHANES. The most famous comic

poct of Greece. Among his master-pieces is a work entitled “The Clouds," a powerful satire against the Sophists. Born 444 B.C.; died 380

B.C. ARISTOTLE. A world-renowned philosopher of

antiquity, called “the Intellect” of his school : author of “Ethics,” etc. Born 384 B.C. ; died

322 B.C. ARMINIUS, JACOBUS. A Dutch theologian,

celebrated for his system of theology, commonly

called Arminianism. Born 1560. died 1609. ARMSTRONG, DR. An eminent physician and

poet : author of "The Art of Preserving Health"-a didactic poem. Born 1709; died


Four Temperaments." ARNOLD, REV. DR. An English teacher and

historian of great merit: his chief work is a

History of Rome." Born 1795 ; died 1842. ARNOT, REV. WILLIAM. A popular Scottish

divine: author of "Illustrations of the Book of

Proverbs," etc. ARROWSMITH, REV. DR. An eminent

English divine: “Tactica Sacra," and "Armilla Catechetica," are his principal works. Born

1602 ; died 1659. ARTHUR, TIMOTHY S. An American writer

of fiction, illustrative of domestic life. Born

1809. ARVÍNE, REV. A. K. Author of "A Cyclo

pædia of Religious Anecdotes." ASCHAM, ROGER А celebrated English

scholar and writer : his greatest work is “The

Schole-Master.” Born 1515; died 1568. ASPINALL, REV. DR. THANASIUS, ST. An illustrious Greek

Father-the supposed author of the creed commonly called “The Athanasian Creed." Born 296; died 373.

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BABBAGE, PROFESSOR. A famous English

mathematician ; inventor of a calculating machine which cost $17,000 in its construction ; and author of “The Ninth Bridgewater Trea

tise," etc. Born 1790. BACON, LORD. The illustrious English philo

sopher, lord keeper of the Great Scal under Queen Elizabeth: his greatest work was his - Instauratio Magna,' of which the Novum

Organum" is a part. Born 1561; died 1626. BACON, WILLIAM T. BADER, DR. BAGEHOT. BAGOT, REV. DEAN. Author of « The Art

of the Poetry of Horace," etc. BAILEY, PHILIP J. The author of "Festus"

a poem of extraordinary beauty, power, and

extravagance. Born 1816. BAILEY, SIR JOHN BAILLIÉ, JOANNA. A very celebrated British

poetess: her“ Plays on the Passions is "a noble monument of her genius." Born 1762; died

1851. BAILLIE, REV. JOHN. One of the biogra

phers of St. Augustine. BAKER, HENRY. A persevering and ingenious

English naturalist: author of "The Microscope made Easy," etc. Born 1693; died 1774. BAKER, SIR RICHARD. His “Chronicle of

the Kings of England” was composed in Fleet

Prison. Born 1508 ; died 1644. BAKER, SIR SAMUEL. An illustrious English

traveller : author of "The Nile Tributaries of

Abyssinia," etc. Born 1821. BALE, BISHOP. A zealous writer against

Popery. Born 1495 ; died 1563. BALFUUR, MRS. Author of " The Women of

the Bible," etc. BALFOUR, PROFESSOR. A celebrated British

botanist and physician: author of “The Plants

of the Bible," ctc. Born 1808. BALLY, GEORGE BANCROFT, GEORGE. An eminent American

statesman and historian: author of "The His

tory of the United States," etc. Born 18co. BARBAULD, MRS. The whole of her writings

are characterized by strong poetic feeling and

great moral beauty. Born 1743; died 1825. BARDSLEY, REV. J. W. BARFORD, T. BARHAM, REV. RICHARD H. An English

divine and humorous writer : better known by his literary name - Thomas Ingoldsby : the popular author of “The Ingoldsby Legends.

Born 1788; died 1845. BARING-GOULD, REV. J. Author of "The

Myths of the Middle Ages. BARKER, MATTHEW H. A well-known

English novelist. Born 1790; died 1846. BARLOW, JOEL. A political and miscellaneous


BELL, SIR CHARLES. A celebrated physio

logist and surgeon: author of "The Hand its Mechanism and Vital Endowments," etc. Born 1774 ; died 1842. BELLA, STEFANO. An eminent Italian en

graver. Born 1610; died 1664. BELLAMY, JACOB. One of the most popular

of Dutch poets: author of “ Vaderlandsche

Gezangen," etc. Born, 1757 ; died 1621. BELLEGARDE, ABBE DE. Generally known

as the translator of some of the works of St. Chrysostom and other Church Fathers. Born

1648 ; died 1734. BELLET, REV. GEORGE BELLEW, J. C. M. Author of “The Poets'

Corner," etc. BELZONI, GIOVANNI B. An enterprising

traveller. Born 1778; died 1823. BENJAMIN, PARK, An American poet and

journalist. Born 1809; died 1864. BENNETT, WILLIAM C. An English poet,

distinguished as a writer of "Songs." Born 1820. BENTHAM, JEREMY. An English jurist an'

utilitarian philosopher : author of “A Defrnce

of Usury," etc. Born 1748; died 1832. BENTLEY, RICHARD Regarded as the

greatest classical scholar England ever produced.

Born 1662; died 1742. BERNARD, REV. RICHARD. An Englisn

Puritan divine : author of "The Key of Know

ledge," etc. Born 1566; died 1641. BERNARD, ST. The founder of one hundred

and sixty monasteries, and the chief promoter of

the second Crusade. Born 1091; died 1153; BERRIDGE, REV. JOHN. Author of "The

Christian World Unmasked." Born 1716; died

1793 BERTRAM, REV. R. A. Translator of M.

Coquerel's "Lectures on Preaching." BETHAM-EDWARDS, M. DE BETHUNE, REV. DR. An American divine, poet, and scholar : author of "The Fruit of the

Spirit,” etc. Born 1805; died 1862. BETTENHAM. BEVERIDGE, BISHOP. An eminent English

prelate and orientalist : his most esteemed work is “Private Thoughts upon Religion.” Born 1638; died 1708. BIAS. One of the seven sages of Greece. Lived


A truly devout theologian : author of "A Help to the Study of the Scriptures," ctc. Born 1786; died

1850. BIDDULPH, REV. THOMAS T. “Essays on

the Liturgy” is his principal work. Born 1763. DIGG BILNEY, THOMAS. One of "the noble army

of martyrs." BINNEY, REV. THOMAS. Author of "Is it

Possible to make the Best of both Worlds ?" etc.

Born 1800. BIRKS, REV. PROFESSOR. A polemical

divine of great ability. BIRT. BLACK, DR. An eminent chemist and physi

Born 1728; died 1799. BLACKIE, PROFESSOR A Scottish scholar

and writer. Born 1809 BLACKMORE, SIR RICHARD. A celebrated

Born 1755 ;

writer of considerable notoriety.

died 1812.
LARNABY. An English poet: author of "A
Divine Century of Spiritual Sonnets," etc.

Born about 1569.
BARNES, JULIA. A treatise on hunting, hawk-

ing, etc., called "The Book of St. Albans," is

her chief production. BARNES, REV. ALBERT. The well-known

biblical commentator. Born 1798; died 1870. BARNES, REV. JOSHUA. Author of "The

Life of Edward 111." Born 1654; died 1712. BARON, MICHEL. A French actor, denomi

nated the Roscius of his time." Born 1653;

died 1729

died 1677;

BARROW, REV. DR. An eminent mathematician, theologian, and pulpit orator.

Born 1630 ;
BARRY, REV. DR. Author of "Religion for

Every Day," etc.
BARTAS, DU. A celebrated French negotiator

and poet: his best poem is entitled “ The Week
of Creation," Died from wounds received in

battle, 1599 BARTON, BERNARD. A member of the Society of Friends, commonly known as “the Quaker Poet:” author of "The Reliquuy," etc. Born

1784; died 1849. BAS, REV. W.C. LE BASIL, ST. Surnamed “the Great Among

his chief productions are “Homilies on the
Psalms," and “Homilies on the “Six Days'

Work." Born 329; died 379.
BATES, REV. DR. A distinguished Presby-

terian minister: author of “The Lives of Pious and Learned Men," etc. Born 1625: died 1699. BAXTER, REV. RICHARD. Styled "The

English Demosthenes :" universally known by his justly admired work, entitled "The Saint's

Everlasting Rest." Born 1615; died 1691. BAYLEY, SIR JOHN. An illustrious English jurist : author of "A Summary of the Laws of

the Bills of Exchange." Born 1763; died 1841. BAYLISS, WYKE BAYLY, REV. JOHN. Author of “The Guar

dian Angel.” Born 1595; died 1633. BAYLY, THOMAS H. An English lyric poet

and novelist. Born 1797 ; died 1839.
DAYNES, REV. ROBERT H. Editor of “Lyra

BEARD, REV. DR. Author of The Inter-

preter of Scripture," etc.
BEATTIE, JAMES. A Scottish poet and meta-

physician. Born 1735; died 1803. PEAUMARCHAIS, DE. A French dramatist

and versatilc genius. Born 1732 ; dicd 1799. 1 EAUMONT, FRANCIS. A lyrical and descriptive poet of the highest order. He wrote a number of popular dramas in conjunction with

John Fletcher. Born 1586; died 1615. DÉAUMONT, REV. DR. One of the most

eloquent pulpit orators of the present century. BEAUMONT, SIR JOHN. Author of a collection of poems, entitled “Bosworth Field."

Born 1582; died 1628.
BECCARIA, MARQUIS DE. An illustrious

Italian : author of "Trattato dei Delitti e delle
Pene, "a book which was translated into the chief
languages of Europe. Born 1738; died 1793;
BEDE. Surnamed "the Venerable." An English

monk and Church historian, universally known by his "Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Angloruin.” Born about 673 ; died about 735. BEECHER, REV. DR. An eminent American

divine: author of “Views in Theology," etc.

Born 1775; died 1863.

preacher and writer of extraordinary ability and
eloquence. Born 1813.

physician and poet : his “Creation” is warmly

commended. Born 1650; died 1729. BLACKSTONE, SIR WILLIAM. An illus

trious English jurist : author of the well-known Commentaries on the Laws of England." Born 1723 : died 1780. BLACKWOOD, ADAM. His literary reputation is derived from a work, entitled “The Martyr.

dom of Mary Stuart.'' Born 1539; died 1613. BLAIKIE, REV. DR. Editor of “The Sunday



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