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It is seated by custome-from which we are now bold to assume authoritie-to bear the names of our friends upon the fronts of our bookes, as gentlemen use to set their armes over their gate. Some say this use began by the heroes and brave spirits of the old world, which were desirous to be thought to patronize learning; and men in requitall honor the names of those brave princes.-DRAYTON.

DEITY. A Dedication to the

My Father! unto Thee to whom I owe
All that I am, all that I have and can;
Who madest me in Thyself the sum of man
In all its generous aims and powers to know,
These first-fruits bring I; nor do Thou forego
Marking when I the boyish feat began,
Which numbers now three years from its plan,
Not twenty summers had embrowned my brow:
Life is at blood-heat every page doth prove:
Bear with it. Nature means necessity.

If there be aught that Thou canst love, it springs
Out of the hope that I may earn that love,

More unto me than immortality,

Or to have strung my harp with golden strings.-P. J. BAILEY. DIVINE.-A Dedication to a

In dedicating to you this volume, a consideration of a far higher nature than the formal and customary honour of addressing a man of literary and scientific attainments induced me to shelter it under your patronage. In the several vocations in which Providence has called you to officiate, you have proved yourself the warm and disinterested patron of all that is benevolent and good,—of everything that concerns the present and eternal welfare of mankind; while your praises have been re-echoed from one corner of the land to another as the champion of the Christian religion, the doctrines of which your voice and your pen have done so much to illustrate.-DICK.

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