Modern Religious Movements in India

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Macmillan, 1915 - 471 oldal

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114. oldal - Incorporeal, Almighty, Just, Merciful, Unbegotten, Infinite, Unchangeable, without a beginning, Incomparable, the support and the Lord of all, All-pervading, Omniscient, Imperishable, Immortal, Exempt from fear, Eternal, Holy and the Cause of the Universe. To Him alone worship is due.
7. oldal - The East bow'd low before the blast In patient, deep disdain; She let the legions thunder past, And 'plunged in thought again.
29. oldal - ... a place of public meeting of all sorts and descriptions of people without distinction as shall behave and conduct themselves in an orderly sober religious and devout manner for the worship and adoration of the Eternal Unsearchable and Immutable Being who is the Author' and Preserver of the Universe...
53. oldal - Our position is not that truths are to be found in all religions ; but that all the established religions of the world are true. There is a great deal of difference between the twoassertions." •'The glorious mission of the New Dispensation...
26. oldal - The consequence of my long and uninterrupted researches into religious truth has been that I have found the doctrines of Christ more conducive to moral principles, and better adapted for the use of rational beings, than any other which have come to my knowledge.
362. oldal - I believe one has only to put oneself mentally into their place to realize how grievous this injustice is. We may touch a cat, we may touch a dog, we may touch any other animal, but the touch of these human beings is pollution! And so complete is now the mental degradation of these people that they themselves see nothing in such treatment to resent, that they acquiesce in it as though nothing better than that was their due.
373. oldal - One essential condition of success in this work is that a sufficient number of our countrymen must now come forward to devote themselves to the cause in the spirit in which religious work is undertaken. Public life must be spiritualised. Love of country must so fill the heart that all else shall appear as of little moment by its side.
66. oldal - God and the brotherhood of man, and kindness to all living beings. " 8. God rewards virtue and punishes sin. His punishments are remedial and not eternal. " 9. Cessation from sin, accompanied by sincere repentance, is the only atonement for it, and union with God in wisdom, goodness, and holiness is true salvation.
138. oldal - 0 children of Israel ! Of a truth I am God's Apostle to you, to confirm the law which was given before me, and to announce an apostle that shall come after me, whose name shall be Ahmed ! But when he (Ahmed) presented himself, with clear proofs of his mission, they said,
373. oldal - Much of the work must be directed toward building up in the country a higher type of character and capacity than is generally available at present; and the advance can only be slow.

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